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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Throwing a no-hitter in Little League.
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Comment 05 May 2019
Bill Murray....John Belushi...Dan Ackroyd...Kristen Wigg...Mike Meyers...Hartmann...Farley... soooo many more.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
Silverbullet71 is a scUM fan...he has a Michigan photo on his profile page. I don't have a problem with Blue fans participating here...but trolling by using "we" pretending to be an OSU poster with an OSU fraud and he should be given a time out or worse.
Comment 27 Mar 2019
One of the best threads I've seen, certainly regarding hoops. Lots of interesting and intelligent observations. One additional note...Brian Snow says the 6-11 center from Butler might be a grad transfer option. Assuming he was a Holtman recruit? Had offers from Indiana, Oklahoma, Purdue and Iowa and was ranked as the 14th best 5 coming out a few years ago. Has two years of eligibility.
Comment 14 Mar 2019
Bid Daddy was a recruit everyone wanted. It was grades that downgraded him. Chuck Jones; Gary Packnett and Paris Long were all supposed to be "the next big thing" but none of them made for a variety of reasons. To this day there are those who say Chuck Jones was a can't miss All American but those were the 80s when there were academic casualties galore. And then there were just plain overrated busts like Joe Pickens. Yes...I remember the Coop years. Just can't quite erase the pain despite nearly 20 years of bliss.
Comment 25 Feb 2019
The famous/infamous Nevadabuck is or was based in Las Vegas. I reside in Reno...thus...Northern Nevada Buck. I was on the Rivals site for a decade but got tired of the snarky personalities (including the people who run that site) and decided that 11 Warriors is a better place to contribute and share. Was one of the original O Zone members as well but got tired of the politics that were prevalent in the early 00s. Was one of the original 12 who migrated to what was then known as Bucknuts around 2002...and participated in the ridiculously long Fred Davis threads. Stuck around that site when it became Scout and started the not nearly long enough Trials and Tribulations of Jim Harbaugh threads. Too bad they have been lost in cyberspace. Interestingly...on the scum site they have a long thread that goes back years they started to counter the Trials and Tribulations thread . Yes...I lurk there and was actually banned for making neutral posts where I wasn't kissing Sam Webb's ass. Muck Fishagan
Comment 13 Feb 2019
I finally got help this year. After yo-yoing weight wise I got the surgery in July and I'm down 135 pounds with another 100 to go. breaking point was when I plateaued for a month in November/December and I threw my scale down twice trying to break it and the scale cut both my legs open. That's fucked up. So...since I was already seeing a psychologist for the weight loss...I asked for more help to deal with anxiety ... frustration... anger and some depression. The meds I'm on now for the first in my life... have made a huge difference. I now know what it's like not to be on edge. I have a therapy session on Friday and a follow up with the nurse on Saturday. For age 57...this feels almost life saving. I voluntarily resigned from a six figure job in November because I was so miserable. Now I'm a job I enjoy more and I'm getting the professional help I need...I just wished I had the courage to do this in my you have. That's impressive. My Best ...
Comment 11 Feb 2019
Osu averages 4 to 5 transfers from March to July Every year. Awarding a schollie to a well deserving Walk on means NOTHING in regards to the Rutgers OL or another grad QB or anything else...other always 4 to 5 of the present team members will be doing what's best for them. A TE won't be on the team come can count on a DB and two to three others. Hopefully not on the OL. (LOL)
Comment 08 Feb 2019
They should have hired me. I've been Programming radio stations successfully since 1980. Applied to them and The Fan numerous times. They're not real smart at either one of those operations.
Comment 03 Feb 2019
AIR SUPPLY...first two albums were as sweet as cotton candy...bitter saccharin after that. :)