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Mutual Interest: Franklin and FSU

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November 27, 2019 at 8:55pm

There's some chatter of Franklin in talks with FSU about their HC candidacy. The same one Bob Stoops reportedly got a few weeks ago. FYI, Franklin's contract ends in 12/31/2022 and his buyout is $1MN. 

Here are some other tangential rumors:

  • Franklin is up for a contract renewal and thus is attempting maximize his $ amount by talking to FSU.
  • FSU is putting up faux smoke to cover their ass. They're appearing to vet other coaches but they've already hired Stoops.
  • Obviously the Baylor folks are afraid Matt Rhule will depart for PSU, his alma mater. Me thinks he's in line for an NFL HC job. He's from NYC and he could be plug-in-play for the Giants. 
  • Justin Shorter's transfer portal entry is just the start. 



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