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Desmond Howard All Time Picks of TTUN Games

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November 26, 2019 at 3:39pm

I thought everyone might find this interesting.  We all know what an unapologetic homer Desmond is when picking TTUN games.  Looking at all recorded picks during his time on ESPN as an “analyst”, he has made predictions in 71 TTUN games.  He has chosen TTUN to win 67 times.  

As it relates to “The game” he has 8 recorded picks from 2018-2010.  He has chosen TTUN 6 times and OSU twice (2010 and 2014). 

The most interesting part of this useless deep dive into his picks?  He hasn’t picked against TTUN once since the beginning of the 2015 football season.  

Based on this trend, count on him picking TTUN on Saturday.  (As if you thought otherwise.)

*I had to count this manually on my phone so numbers could be slightly off but are accurate to the best of my abilities.  DH didn’t have recorded picks for “The Game” in 2015 and before 2010.  

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