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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2003 national title game watching Ken Dorsey scramble for his life and seeing the ball hit the ground......pure joy.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Don't care
  • NBA TEAM: Hornets back in 88 until they moved
  • MLB TEAM: Red Sox (at least it's not the Yankees)
  • SOCCER TEAM: Whichever my daughter plays for

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Comment 16 Feb 2020

I was under the impression that Braxton’s arm was never the same post injury.  

Anyone know for sure?

Comment 18 Jan 2020

If they (Dabo and Brent) tithe it’s totally expected.  10% of their incomes would most likely make them the top 2.  I wouldn’t read into this to much.  

Can we please stop with the bagmen stuff.  TTUN fans go crazy with our recruiting and accuse us of handing out cash while ignoring how badly they are being outworked by coaches and our director of player personnel.  Maybe this kid just loves his university and playing with his friends.  Shawn wade made a similar decision and we praised him.  

Comment 18 Jan 2020

For everyone complaining he’s “poaching OSU staffers” it’s really a good thing.  These are talented people that would leave to advance their careers at some point.  Them gaining experience as primary recruiters, player development, strength and conditioning coaches, etc gives OSU a bigger pool to fill a potential vacancy in the future.  

Corey Dennis nearly left to be QB coach and would have if not for Yurich Leaving for Texas.  Some complained he didn’t have experience.  We can’t (and shouldn’t) ask talent to stay in a diminished roll when opportunity comes knocking.  What’s happening with BC is just normal and we should celebrate them.  

Comment 14 Jan 2020

I just need to point out LSU had the benefit of game planing off the semi final.  That #1 seed was such a big deal.  I’m not sure they beat Clemson if they play in AZ.

Regardless, LSU deserves this championship.

Happy for Joe.