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Cassius Winston and a Reason to Not Hate MGoblog

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November 11, 2019 at 5:36pm

Between the dominance of the Buckeyes and concern about Chase Young’s fate, you may have missed the story about Cassius Winston’s brother, Zachary, who apparently committed suicide on Saturday. Cassius played in MSU’s game yesterday and played quite well. Cassius posted the following on social media (apologies for not knowing how to embed a tweet. I can never get it to work on an iPad):

The honesty and emotion in Cassius’ post is heartbreaking. I lost a friend and mentor to suicide in February. While his death may be easier for me to deal with now than it was then, the pain has not gone away. It never will. Cassius will carry this with him everyday. This young many already seems to understand that and is expecting to have some words with his brother when they reunite. Completely understandable. I have been equal parts sad and angry over my friend’s suicide. That’s just the way it is.

I keep coming back to 11W today hoping for an update on Chase. In between visits, I’ve ventured over to some rival sites to get their (sometimes very bad) takes on the situation. I’ve never been shy about lurking on MGo then coming back here and reporting the hilarity. But today I found something different. Today someone posted Cassius’ message to his brother. I found the response from the TTUN faithful, who hate MSU as much if not more than us, heartwarming.

[Mod edit: Here ya go brother.]

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