Cassius Winston and a Reason to Not Hate MGoblog

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Fuck. Heart goes out to Cassius, existence is excruciating at times, I’m glad zach is no longer in pain. I think I’m going to call my brother, peace and love to anyone out there who needs it. 

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That was tough to read. Can't imagine how he's dealing with this.

Good on MGoBlog too.  Sometimes it takes something like this to remind you how silly sports rivalries are.  We're all just people.

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Rivalries in sports are fun. But we’d all be better off without rivalries in life. 

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Rivalries in sports are fun. But we’d all be better off without rivalries in life.

Strongly agree. Sports rivalries are great, but they should have boundaries. I love my relatives who are Buckeye fans. It helps that while they root for OSU, and I root for Michigan, no one is an ass about it. I'd like to encourage you to do a couple things.

  1. Never be a jerk in your OSU fandom. Don't be that guy.
  2. If a friend, or someone you see, is an OSU jerk, call them on it. We typically never want to say anything. But at the end of the day, if we can be a force for good ourselves, along with helping others to tone it down, that's a good thing.

I'm convinced that each of us can make a difference in the lives of people who are struggling. There are more people than you realize who struggle with anxiety and depression and other mental health issues. You yourself can help those who are struggling.

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Mental illness affects every demographic, doesn't matter if you're black, white, poor, rich, TSUN fan or Buckeye fan. I'm glad we can all rally against this terrible disease. Wishing the best for Winston's family. 

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Very tough week for MSU. Charles Rogers death and reading about how rough his life was after football didn't work out was pretty sad also.

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Died of liver cancer at 38? Holy shit, fuck cancer...

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I think alot of Rogers problems stemmed from drug and alcohol abuse. I didn't hear that Winston's brother committed suicide. It actually makes more sense now because when I first read the story I'm thinking how do you just run out in front of a train. Very sad.

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As bad as MGo is, no fan base on Earth is going to be anything but supportive of situations like these, rivalry or not.  

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Well said.


Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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This is the first I had heard that story. It's a terrible loss.  Mental health issues can be extremely painful.

Condolences to the family.

 Success - it's what you do with what you've got.  - Woody Hayes

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Great post Brutus.

And for anyone out there who may be suffering, or considering the worst of all possible options.  Please pick up your phone and call:


Or get online and chat:

Someone will answer, and they are there to help. You are important, and you are loved.

"You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, & in the manner in which you live.
So, live. Live. Fight like hell. And when you get too tired to fight then lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you. "
- Stuart Scott

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These situations are always difficult and uneasy. Would it be too much to save a courtside seat empty in memory of his brother when MSU visits this year? Competition aside, I think it'd be a classy act and tribute to his rock and support.

At last, Kerry had cracked open his first Red Bull with an impatient delight. And the rest, as they say, was history.

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Just an absolute gut-punch. I'm so sorry for Cassius and certainly for Zach. Whatever demons chased him, I hope he's at peace.

"When a player makes a mistake, you always want to put them back in quickly--you don't just berate them and sit them down with no chance of redemption." Pat Summitt