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Is the 2019 Rutgers Team the Worst Big 10 Team Ever?

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November 11, 2019 at 3:32pm

Heck they could even make a case as worst Power-5 team ever. I'd just like to hear some folks opinions, who are a little older than myself, and have more knowledge. The 1978-1980 Northwestern Wildcats could maybe make a run at "worst ever", as their students infamously chanted, but I wasn't around to know how truly bad that team was. 

I just have to say, since I was old enough to remember football, I have never expected such a firm ass-whipping, that we are about to hand out on Saturday. I've watched us play some BAD Illinois teams in the past, and still thought to myself, "We can't come out arrogant and sleepwalk", but I can't even talk myself into the slightest of scares this week. Heck, I'd bet my rent that Miami (OH) would take them down. 

It's just a real shame for the oldest program, and a program who had a really awesome run in the mid-2000s. I still just don't understand how a "Big Ten team" can be THIS bad. You would've thought that the 2019 version would be better than the 2014 version, after years of receiving Big Ten money, and TV exposure. 

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