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Why Shouldn’t They (Consider Minnesota)?

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November 11, 2019 at 11:27am

Just a quick thought here. I live in Alabama but raised in THE great state. All this talk is bothering me because I have no support here.

You know that there is a conspiracy theory that <insert name for THEY> want two SEC teams in the playoff. Let’s assume that Minnesota wins out. We play them in a the Conference Championship and beat them on a two point conversion.

How much support would the B1G have for getting two teams in the playoffs? From what I’ve seen, let’s imagine that Georgia beats LSU and the big three in the SEC, all end up with one loss. 

My point is that there is a preconditioned mindset that just assumes that the SEC is deserving of two spots. So far, Minnesota has given me zero reasons to believe that they are not deserving, especially with the weak schedule Bama has this year. 

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