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Comment 12 Jul 2019

When my coworkers tell me to go back to Ohio, that is how I respond. I sincerely explain to them that I am part of a government conspiracy to diversify their gene pool. Some of them believe that.

Comment 28 Jun 2019

Everyone's choices are spot on. Obviously 2002, 2006 and 2014 are winners but I am going to throw two other seasons in here that no one else has mentioned. 2005 was probably one of my favorites even though we lost to Texas in a game we shouldn't have. We also found a way to lose to Penn State. The talent on that team with Hawk, Carpenter, Holmes, Smith, Gonzo and so much more was probably almost as talented as some of Urban Meyer's best classes. The way we dismantled Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl was the cherry on top. It also had a competitive victory over Michigan.

Another season that I will always remember was tarnished by tatgate, but 2010 really sticks out for being Pryor's final year. We looked good for a lot of the season. We beat Miami if I am remembering it correctly and put an end to the SEC dominance over Ohio State before the victory was stripped from us by tatgate. Living in the south and constantly hearing how we didn't stack up to the SEC had me cheering for a Buckeye victory like never before. 

Comment 20 May 2019

Which is harder to accomplish? Spend money on good causes, attempting to shape your perception and character or living the example and demonstrate your character through effort and deeds? I am so disenchanted with the product Zeke is displaying. All of the talent in the world but little character. Everyone keeps saying it’s the environment and the company he keeps. That’s just an excuse. When will this man be accountable? All of these poor choices are why Zeke will never rise above Barry Sanders in my book. I hate that I have to pick a RB from fake OSU to be favorited above our own. At least I still have George!

Comment 18 Apr 2019

If I was Day, I would target the guy I really want, no matter where he is from. I would also target a solid Ohio QB, best in the state. If that guy is the guy Day really wants, then sign another Ohio kid to follow suit. That’s the knee jerk reaction I have to what these kids current practice is.

Typically it means more to an Ohio kid to play for the State team.  Maybe they stick around longer for their chance? Maybe they beat out the guy, ala Troy Smith, in the long run? Maybe they are that guy?

Comment 11 Mar 2019

I believe you. I just remember when plays needed to happen, I don’t recall him being the source of success aside from the late sack to seal one game. Can’t recall which one. May have been PSU.??

Comment 11 Mar 2019

My confession is that I hate when people use the word “since” in place of “sense”. I understand typos happen, better than most. My wife does this all the time and refuses to correct it. This makes me sensitive to this particular mistake.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Haha try this on for size...

I called for Braxton to be benched so he could heal in 2014. I thought it may or may not be a step back for the year but would be important for gaining experience for the next wave of Quarterbacks. Put my opinion on the forums and got tore apart. Everyone laughed at how “stupid” I was. Seemed it turned out alright now, didn’t it?

Braxton injured himself again, in practice. The stage was set for growth for JT Barrett. I didn’t foresee Cardale getting the reps he did but am thankful for him. National Championship. Only had one 11w member publicly eat crow on that one.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Disagree (I know that’s the point =no downvotes)

He is one of the greatest leaders and has some of the best statistics in its history.

Speaking purely Quarterback talent, it has to be an argument between Haskins and Smith.

if you can’t even start a single game in the NFL, how can you be the best in our program history?

Again, not arguing. Just making conversation for debate.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

I believe Chase Young is overrated. Still pulling for him to have a monster year. Facts may prove me wrong too. Just seems like he is neutralized too often or takes plays off. That’s the only unpopular opinion I can think of.

Maybe also, the whole Zach Smith incident was overblown. He should have been fired for his poor performance more so than DV related details. Obviously, the performance includes known facts about strip club visits and no shows. The DV stuff was a lot of he said-she said. The investigating law enforcement agencies did not pursue warrants and in today’s age of err on the side of caution/defend female victims, that’s unheard of. The evidence did not demand the warrant for violence. Trespass is a separate issue.

Comment 09 Mar 2019

I’d be surprised if Dobbins is even a legit 4.450 or faster. He has great agility but I haven’t witnessed his straight line speed.

Comment 08 Mar 2019

Yeah, they work. To get the results that Munzer achieved and potentially Metcalf (which I'm not sold on) a single pill or low cc shot aint gonna cut it. Work still has to be applied. Muscle must be torn/worked to repair and grow stronger, or so Ive been told. 

Comment 08 Mar 2019

For what its worth, I don't find his picture all that impressive and he certainly isn't 2% body fat in it. He is also depicted next to man with a much smaller frame. He looks great but not as advertised. His physique is not impossible to achieve with good nutrition, weight training, genetics, and discipline.

Comment 08 Mar 2019

My reference was slanted more toward the original person of topic. I think it may be unfair to assume that his genetic gifts are the results of cheating. I was often accused of the same when I was in the corps. never did I partake of anything blackmarket. It wasn't until health issues arose that I did so under a doctors care. So its easy to discredit ones accomplishments by assuming the worst, coupled with no evidence.. Ive seen it done. Show me a failed urine/blood test and I'll jump on board with you guys.

Comment 07 Mar 2019

Andrea’s Munzer, believed to have the lowest competing body fat of all bodybuilders ever. Steroid comments are dull, boring and predictable. What is interesting about him is that it is believed that diuretic abuse, items that caused him dehydration, caused him the majority of his health issues. Autopsies uncovered massive amounts of tumors in his system. 

I have dabbled in prohormones under a doctors care due to medical reasons. Everything above board. No amount that would benefit me in any type of competition. It’s funny how many people think that a single pill a day or injection will turn you into Arnold and make you look like a magazine model. Metcalf may suck as a receiver which is the biggest point that the OP is making, but don’t point to his physique and assume he took the easy route to achieving it. He worked his ass off for that, with or without help. I don’t promote unneeded hormone replacement, just like putting other info out there for folks that judge weightlifters. The term “Ahh,steroids” is often used by those that attempt to validate their inferior development with “he’s cheating”.