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Joel Klatt on The Herd Says the Playoff Will Go to 8 Teams Soon

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November 6, 2019 at 6:15pm

Local hero Joel Klatt had his weekly segment on the Herd. When discussing the playoff he said he has talked to people who would known and the playoff will be moving to 8 teams before the current TV contract is over. The current contract is through 2025. The reasoning is conferences that fear they will collapse would like to gain the ability to guarantee a spot in the playoff to the winner. The two main conferences this applies to is the Pac-12 and Big-12. The Pac-12 is in the middle of financial problems and hasn't made the playoffs in a couple years. The Big12 has had more success making the playoffs but there have been rumors of Texas and Oklahoma potentially leaving for the Big Ten or SEC causing the conference to collapse. It would make little sense for Oklahoma to try and beat OSU,Michigan,PSU,MSU,Wiscsonin, Iowa, and Nebraska in any given year to get a spot when it would only need to win the Big 12 to gain a spot. 

He said he doesn't like this as it would devalue the regular season in the only sport where every game matters so much. He used LSU Bama as an example, this year this game is very important because the loser may not have a chance to make the playoffs but in an 8 team system there would be 0 doubt the loser would still make the playoffs. I agree, part of why I love college football so much is every game matters so much an off Saturday kept OSU out of the playoffs each of the last couple years and with how big some of the blowouts have been in recent years there is no reason to think we need to expand.

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