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SP+ Week 10 Ratings and Previewing Monster Week 11 Games

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November 3, 2019 at 1:59pm

Ohio State was on a bye but still holds the #1 spot and is now 1.3 points better than Bama. OSU still has #1 Defense and #5 Offense. Bama has #2 Offense and #8 defense. Here are the teams rankings on OSU's schedule

PSU-7th, Wisky-8th, Minnesota*-10th, Michigan-11th, Indiana-21, MSU-29th, Cincy-35, Nebraska-50(quite the tumble, Frost needs to get them out of sweatshirts)

  • LSU is third but 4.5 points behind Bama. Its in Bama but the health of Tua is up in the air. Super intriguing game. LSU's defense is only 18th which is low among the contenders but their secondary is their strength so it will be interesting to see how the vaunted Bama receiving core will do. LSU's pass defense is basically ours without Chase Young. Very athletic and talented secondary with sold D lineman but no game wreckers. I expect OSU to be able to hold Bama to 10ish less points than LSU will give up(assuming a health Tua). And everybody has loved to talk about how poor Bama's run defense is so this will be the game where we can really see what level they are really playing at. Easily the most excited I have been for a non OSU game all year I hope LSU doesnt pull an LSU and shit the bed
  • PSU Minnesota is the other battle of unbeatens.  Minnesota is interesting, Bill(the creator of SP+) talked this week about how Minnesota is getting the conference adjustment for the B1G which is very beneficial but they have played the softest B1G schedule possible.(Every B1G team gets the same adjustment regardless of who in the conference you have played) Teams also have a knack of their QBs being injured against Minnesota.With all that being said Minnesota is only 4.6 points worse than PSU and are ranked 10th. So SP+ sees Bama/LSU and PSU/Minny as equal score differentials. However Minny will be at home so theoretically have a better chance of pulling the upset. 
  • Kansas State @ Texas are .6 points away and this game has sneaky implications, if Texas keeps losing it hurts LSU's world renowned resume. Also if you follow recruiting, Texas recruits have been jumping ship so another loss could make it really dicey.
  • Iowa@Wisky The beatdown in Colombus following the Illinois loss really took all attention off Wisky. If you are of the belief that Minnesota is fake then the winner of this game is in the driver seat to meet us in Indy. Wisconsin is still 8th in SP while Iowa is 22 with a 7.5 point gap but with how these games normally go it should be low scoring and a couple good breaks for Iowa could be too much for the Wisconsin offense to overcome. 
  • Iowa State Oklahoma is considered a much better game in SP+ with Iowa State sitting at 18th. This game has the recipe for an Oklahoma upset. Iowa State has a good enough defense to not let Oklahoma score every other play and a good enough offense to take advantage of an Oklahoma defense that has the ability to not show up. 
  • Just a perfect day of football. Noon has OSU and PSU/Minny, 330 has Bama/LSU and Wisky/Iowa and the night games are great but with Oklahoma/ISU, Notre Dame@Duke, Mizzou@Georgia, App State@SCAR one should probably get weird

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