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Run Fits - Good & Bad

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October 21, 2019 at 3:23pm

When you listen to almost any game lately, it seems the announcers frequently use cliches or coaching buzzwords during the telecast.  One of these phrases I hear tossed around often is "Run Fit."  For anyone interested, I thought I would give a few examples of what I believe to be good "run fit" and bad "run fit."

"Run Fit" is associated with defense.  Specifically, it means "fitting" a defensive lineman or LB in the gap between the offensive linemen so that a running back cannot run through the gap.  Good run fit means the back cannot run through any gap.  Of course the opposite of no gaps is bad for the defense.  There are gaps for which the back to run.  

Below is an example of good run fit.  Notice the back has no space or gap for which to run.  The LBs and DLs have filled the gaps and the back cannot find an opening.  Even though only one player makes the tackle, everyone on this play did their job.  The back bounces outside and, minus a hold, should have been tackled at the line of scrimmage.  FYI...the offense was penalized for holding on this play.

Next up is an example of a bad run fit.  There are multiple reasons for bad run fits and all of them lead to easy lanes for which the back can run. 

These two clips are of the same play.  Both are posted because sometimes it is easier to see things from one point of view or the other. 

In this clip, you should see the LBs do not make it to the line of scrimmage and there are definitely gaps for which the back to run.  In addition, two defensive linemen get cut blocked on the play and end up on the ground.  Consequently, this ends up being an easy 12 yard gain.

Here is the behind look.

It is difficult to know exactly who was responsible for what gap since we do not know the defensive call.  But it is good to know that the run fits this year are much better than the run fits last year.


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