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C'Mon Man! Ed Warinner Edition.

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October 21, 2019 at 9:15am

I was scrolling through twitter during Friday night's game and came across a tweet telling me that I would get $1000 for simply liking said tweet. I don't follow this guy, wasn't on his wall, and didn't know why I was seeing this. Then, I noticed that someone I do follow "liked" the tweet. Who could be so gullible? None other than everyone's former favorite o-line / second or third least favorite offensive coordinator (looking at you, Bollman and Beck) Ed Warinner!

My three biggest observations in all of this:

  1. How does someone with the smarts and work ethic to become a big time college football coach fall for such a simple scheme (and I know it cost him nothing to hit the like)
  2. This guy makes over half-a-million per year, and he's chasing $1000
  3. He would have liked this approximately 24 hours before TTUN's battle in Happy Valley... seems like there were better things he could have been doing at the time.

Screen cap below:


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