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"He's Ass, My Dude"

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September 23, 2019 at 12:04pm

Before he was riding the bench in Miami, and before he was a backup QB / Tweeter at OSU, Tathan Martell was once committed to Texas A&M.  When asked about his potential to win the starting job, he famously commented that the guy in front of him was "ass, my dude". 

The QB he was referring to was Nick Starkel.  Starkel eventually transferred away from TAMU and to Arkansas.  On Saturday, Arkansas managed to lose to San Jose St.  The SJSU Spartans hadn't beaten a P5 team since 2006 and were 3-22 the past two seasons.  How did they spring such a crazy upset?  They were helped in large part to Starkel throwing five interceptions.

So while Tathan might not have a future on the football field, he might have one in a front office.  He appears to be a shrewd evaluator of talent.

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