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Ranking Best Teams in CFP Era (objectively)

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July 23, 2019 at 4:54pm

Off-season fodder topic here, but I started thinking if there was an objective way to go about ranking the top teams in the college football era. Its pretty easy to pick the top 2 teams, and maybe even top 5, but what about farther down?

Here is my attempt and methods of trying to objectively rank teams since the advent of the CFP. I used a points based system and awarded points to various achievements and weighted them to what I think is a reasonable scaling system (this part is definitely the subjective part of the system). I think finishing the top 6 is note worthy only because the committee separates the top 6 when making the final picks AND because it does seem that each year there are 2 teams that have legitimate cases to gripe about. It is a small point so it gives a slight nod to the teams ranked 5 and 6 over other teams who made NY6 games, but doesn't upset value system too much (i.e. a team ranked 5 who loses their bowl game gets 2 points, but a team ranked 8 that beats them gets 3 points e.g. MSU over Baylor in 2014).

So, here is the points system:

  • Winning National Championship: 24 points
  • Winning 1st round game: 12 points
  • Making the CFP: 6 points
  • Finishing in the top 6: 1 points
  • Winning a NY6 bowl game: 2 points
  • Making a NY6 bowl game: 1 point

Based on this system, here is the rankings of teams:

  1. Alabama 131
  2. Clemson 124
  3. tOSU 61
  4. Oklahoma 24
  5. Georgia 21
  6. Oregon 19
  7. FSU 11
  8. MSU 10
  9. Washington 9
  10. ND 8
  11. Wisconsin 7
  12. PSU 5
  13. tied 13-TCU 4
  14. tied 13-UCF 4
  15. tied 13-USC 4
  16. tied 13-Ole Miss 4
  17. tied 13-Stanford 4
  18. tied 18-ttun 3
  19. tied 18-Boise St 3
  20. tied 18-Georgia Tech 3
  21. tied 18-Houston 3
  22. tied 18-Florida 3
  23. tied 18-LSU 3
  24. tied 18-Texas 3
  25. tied 25-Auburn 2
  26. tied 25-Baylor 2
  27. tied 25-Iowa 2
  28. tied 28-Arizona 1
  29. tied 28-Miss St 1
  30. tied 28-Oklahoma St 1
  31. tied 28-Western Michigan 1
  32. tied 28-Miami 1

So there you have it. I think this system breaks down in the low numbers, and there may be a more sophisticated way to parse out the crowd at that point yet preserve rewarding playoff teams and higher ranked teams, but that would take more work than I'm willing to invest at this point. Either way, not many surprises here, and I am pleased to see my points system put ttun in the same crowd as Georgia tech and BSU. If anyone wants to expand on this feel free! Enjoy

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