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July 20, 2019 at 2:31am

Big ten media days are here and as expected a certain coach has given us no shortage viral takes.
Probably the most, dare I say, controversial was Jim Harbaugh saying that players who are unhappy with their situation will fabricate mental illness to gain transfer waivers. The question likely was in response to James Hudson's transfer waiver being denied. With the rapidly changing transfer landscape it's understandable that coaches may be wary of losing players unhappy with playing time or whatever other reason, but with how stigmatized mental illness still is today a statement like can have devastating consequences moving forward.
If I am a high school prospect I would pay attention to the schools that are cooperative with the waiver process and those who fight it. I would not want to play for a school that would try to hold me there even if it was clear that it is not a good fit after all.
I am still willing to give Harbaugh the benefit of the doubt that he didn't have a personal role in Hudson's waiver process but his comments would make me very uneasy to sign with Michigan.
Contrast this with the trio of QBs that have exchanged places with OSU recently, all without issue. I am sure the lack of challenge from the OSU athletic department had a lot to do with Martell being granted a waiver even with less of a case than Hudson in my opinion. Even Trevon Grimes, pre portal, had no issue with his transfer.
I don't want to seem like I am trashing them just because of the rivalry but Harbaugh's comments are a very bad look as far as how they care for their players. And it is hard to think otherwise with a coach who has already had a few transfers and shows a strikingly different view of mental illness.

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