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Small town Michigan guy who grew up on the right side of the rivalry. Mom bleeds S&G, dad spent a year at UofM before coming to his senses. Ferris State Bulldog alum and hopeful future grad student.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2006, #1 v #2
    just so happened to be the first football game I remember being excited for and watching growing up and cemented myself as a buckeye fan.
  • NFL TEAM: Bears
  • NHL TEAM: Blackhawks
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians

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Comment 23 hours ago
Why are recruiting threads always cringe and out of touch, like imagine thinking Loy doesn't just ball everyone to ND as soon as an offer goes out
Comment 18 Jun 2019
Guthrie is easily one of my top 5 favorite players, he can do it all!
Comment 17 Jun 2019
I'm glad I was able to check Rush off of my list on their farewell tour, Morrissey would be a good show too, have had tickets to see him twice but both tours got canceled. One band that has always been high on my list is King Crimson. I am a big prog rock fan and they are one of the greats, even if their lineup is one original member.
Comment 16 Jun 2019
For sure, I think he is very underrated based on the last camp reps I saw where he looked fast and fluid. He will also be coached by the best in the land.
Comment 16 Jun 2019
Not to be too condescending but maybe he just picked to visit 5 of the top programs in the country who all have legit awesome programs and campuses. I don't think anyone will be surprised if he goes elsewhere, especially to UGa. But questioning a kids character and ability based on their recruitment is silly, and I personally feel like Milton is trying to give each of his 5 visits their due diligence.
Comment 16 Jun 2019
I'm not much into fortnite or battle royal games in general but its always cool to see these kinds of events. Elite athletes and gamers don't get thought of together too often but athletes can still be big gamers and the big gaming channels nowadays have as many fans as Joey and most other players. It makes good entertainment.
Comment 16 Jun 2019

Good to see that didn't stop them from trashing the kid in the comments, PSU fans really aren't making a good case for themselves right now.

Comment 13 Jun 2019
You remember correct, the worst loss was to Miami Every other loss was by 7 or less. I remember being so dejected by the close losses game after game, especially being an underthrown ball away from having a 15 game win streak over Michigan.
Comment 12 Jun 2019
"What we've learned in 5 years is Franklin's kryptonite on the trail is negative recruiting against him" "Whatever the other power 5 coaches are mixing into the PSU negative recruiting brew this season is really hitting home. Would love to know what they're telling these kids."-relatively lucid posters on B&W forums Is it wrong that this schadenfreude is almost as good as the day after the last game of the regular season? I think between the decomits and like 20 transfers or whatever kids are just realizing there is a stink around the program. No way that many kids just fell for a line from other coaches.
Comment 12 Jun 2019
Venables at 1 is fair. As far as actual coaching acumen he means more to them than Dabo imo. Lol at Grinch and Brown LJ can just keep quietly going about his business as far as I'm concerned, his body of work speaks for itself.
Comment 12 Jun 2019
Not letting a kid go to a school because of an insider tweet is some Lavar Ball level bs. I doubt that will be the case if he picks elsewhere but if that is why then bye.
Comment 11 Jun 2019
His current position debunks that in an instant, you dont stick around in an administration role of all things if you can't stand the university leadership. Other fans are so caught up in the Florida situation that they make nonsensical conclusions about the guy. While I just see a man that loves OSU and Columbus and someone whose competitive nature gets the best of him.
Comment 09 Jun 2019
From what I know of the qb situation at TCU I'd be surprised if Baldwin actually plays much this season. He would have been a clear #2 and likely played a fair bit at OSU this season. I'm inclined to believe that wanting to be close to home was a big part of his decision, especially since I'm sure there were other D1 teams that could offer him playing time. As for Martell, the writing was on the wall for his transfer since last year. The supposed "Tate package" amounted to little more than some telegraphed redzone runs.
Comment 07 Jun 2019
I'm quite confident that I will see not only the series record fall in my lifetime but also their overall win record. Even with Cooper's incompetence Ohio state has effectively halved their 19-3 lead, or whatever it was that started the series.
Comment 07 Jun 2019
He is the new kid on the block in a league of players that don't take too kindly to rookies running their mouths. But once he rides the Pat's to a couple inevitable superbowls I guarantee he will be as bragadocious as ever.