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Small town Michigan guy who grew up on the right side of the rivalry. Mom bleeds S&G, dad spent a year at UofM before coming to his senses. Ferris State Bulldog alum and hopeful future grad student.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2006, #1 v #2
    just so happened to be the first football game I remember being excited for and watching growing up and cemented myself as a buckeye fan.
  • NFL TEAM: Bears
  • NHL TEAM: Blackhawks
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians

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Comment 15 hours ago
I sincerely doubt that is the case at all. There is no way that they keep an assistant coach on staff just for one mid 4* player. It was pretty clear for a while that Nester was practically decommitted as soon as Urbs retired, why else would the staff have gone so hard for Vimahi of they felt good about keeping Nester.
Comment 20 Apr 2019
Because we had a first time head coach thrown in to a job he knew would never be truly his. Ineptitude all across the board with assistant coaches, and several starting players lost for half to 3/4 of the season. Had Meyer or Tressel been the coach in 2011 we are 10-2 easily.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
Ohio State is on a different level in the big ten plain and simple. If this season goes well Day should easily be able to cruise to a top 5 class, 2021 is looking bright too, just on Ohio talent alone. Michigan has gotten a few big wins on the recruiting path but also takes a lot of 3* guys. Oddly enough it's been the underrated guys that have played well for them over top guys like Gary, Peppers, Patterson etc. I'd imagine PSU will be taking a step back if we can poach the top Pennsylvania recruits but I'm not up on their national presence.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
The lawful side of me loves games like this past year where they were on cloud 9 and as arrogant as ever and we gave them the beating of the decade. Then the chaotic side comes out and I just say Fuck em and want them to lose every game.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
Must make you feel pretty good trolling fans of a team that has owned your sorry ass for the better part of 2 decades. You wouldn't perhaps be overcompensating would you? just a guess
Comment 18 Apr 2019
Those are the current rules for transfers though, "I didn't win the starting job after spring practice" isn't a hardship under their own definitions.
Comment 17 Apr 2019
Imagine that, Michigan getting preseason love.... Check back in November
Comment 16 Apr 2019
As someone who has never gotten fully on board with crossing out all the Ms this is just next level dumb. "Yeah guys slap this blown up jpeg of our rivals logo with a x photoshopped over it on your equipment, that will really teach them to not seal our coaches" -Chris Partridge circa 2019 probably
Comment 16 Apr 2019
Clemson is just the hot new choice, We have been consistently above them in recruiting ranks for the past decade so it proves you can win championships with top 15 classes. Coaching players also is a big part of success and if Day can continue what Urban started the recruits will still come.
Comment 15 Apr 2019
Potter and Elijah Gardiner both impressed me with their size and both made some good plays. Almost felt like we still had a Bosa with Potter wearing 97, those are big shoes to fill.
Comment 15 Apr 2019
To clarify, I think the committee wrongfully helped and hurt us in 2016 and 2018 respectively. We got in over PSU because they couldn't justify putting a 2 loss team in the playoff. Which is a clear criteria but one that should be considered along with PSU winning in one of the toughest divisions and our awful offensive production often times that year. However this past season UGA had no hard evidence to justify being ranked above a power 5 champ with 1 less loss, and only subjective "eye test" reasoning was given. Although the point is mostly moot since it was 5 v 6 it pointed out a major flaw in the committee's selection process.
Comment 15 Apr 2019
It either needs to include all power 5 conference champs and have a clearly defined and adhered to system for ranking teams in the current format and whatever may come. Period. Giving a numerical grade to criteria such as conference/divisional championships, strength of record, offensive and defensive rankings would be a good place to start. IE there has to be a clearly and consistently delivered reason to put a 1 loss conference champion behind a 2 loss non conference champion or a 1 loss non champ in front of a 2 loss champ.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
But my bros are all at Da U I just cant help but feel him going there was not a football decision.