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Small town Michigan guy who grew up on the right side of the rivalry. Mom bleeds S&G, dad spent a year at UofM before coming to his senses. Ferris State Bulldog alum and hopeful future grad student.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2006, #1 v #2
    just so happened to be the first football game I remember being excited for and watching growing up and cemented myself as a buckeye fan.
  • NFL TEAM: Bears
  • NHL TEAM: Blackhawks
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians

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Comment 46 minutes ago
27-0 second half is dominating, especially how they absolutely locked Wisconsin down. The first half was unfocused but a fumble inside the 5 and giving up that huge run right before half made it more lopsided than it should have been. Wisconsin just did a hell of a job capitalizing on the worst first half OSU has had this season.
Comment 4 hours ago
The things I would give to have been a fly on the wall in the locker room at halftime. Total attitude adjustment
Comment 21 hours ago
It is well documented that they actually won the game in 2016 and the Big ten is rigged by NCAA mob money to keep the righteous Michigan in the dark pit of misery or whatever the universal acronym for the unjust suffering of Michigan fans is. Thus set the events in motion that sucked the pure life force out of Jim Harbaugh, leaving him a shell of his former self. Lauded sports historian and Author John Bacon writes extensively about the "Harbaugh rule" that the big ten enforces only on Jim Harbaugh to keep his brilliance and absolute Alpha Male charisma in check during games. The precedent for this rule was set when, after throwing his clipboard and headset in profanity filled outburst of pure football coach machismo that a referee would have the audacity to call one of his players was called offsides, Jim was called with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. From that moment forth, Jim harbaugh was reduced to somebody less than a neutered dog whose steak dinner was replaced with mere poultry. Some time after the game in an undisclosed interview Jim Harbaugh took a swig from a carton of fresh whole milk and exclaimed to mister Bacon "It's hard to beat the cheaters" and it is with that breath the last bit of power left Jim Harbaugh leaving him as the world's highest paid husk. This is the undoctored truth and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is just a weirdo who may or may not be showing signs of CTE.
Comment 06 Dec 2019
I think Michigan is really taking a gamble that JJ McCarthy is going to finally be the guy to get them over the hump. I am not worried about any of their guys currently on the roster, I don't think McCaffrey can handle a season worth of hits, and their other guys have hardly played. Barring an absolute miracle to steal Stroud last minute or them landing a hot shot transfer their QB depth may come back to haunt them imo. Penn St. should continue to assert themselves as #2 in the east, they have recruited well but neither are closing the gap on OSU there.
Comment 06 Dec 2019
Dax Hill is legit, he would have rotated in a fair bit this season and be primed for a battle to start next season. Other than that they would have a few recievers and their DE that would be starters or early rotation.
Comment 06 Dec 2019
Desperation at its finest. They are really this mad because Chase Young had a few hundred dollars loaned to him and didn't have to sit as long as they thought he should so it proves our whole program is baught and paid for. There is no logic to any of it so trying to reason about it is useless. So long as they have guys like Greenberg being shills for Harbaugh and John Bacon tickling the buttholes of the mgo conspirators they will be convinced of anything. I for one cannot wait for what excuse they can come up with in a couple years when fair pay gets instituted and they still get their asses kicked.
Comment 06 Dec 2019
No chance he comes to Ohio State. But if I'm remembering right you can't change your CB pick to the school a kid commits to after they commit, the LSU thing shocked a lot of people but nothing concrete ever really came up that would justify changing it to somewhere other than LSU.
Comment 06 Dec 2019
I think both teams are just returning to their historical averages. Dantonio's success did come during a large down stretch for Michigan, and his two biggest wins also were against a flawed OSU riding a unprecedented win streak in 2013 and arguably Urban's worst game as a coach in 15. Either way, Dantonio was a hell of an overachiever for most of their run. They always got the most out of their guys but even when MSU was good they never prevented Michigan from getting players they wanted. Over the last 10 years MSU has only had the higher ranked recruiting class one time per 247 and an average class ranking of 5th in the conference with a high of 3rd best. In that same time Michigan had the second ranked class 6 times and was best in conference last season. OSU proves that it is hard to win against teams with a talent monopoly and Michigan is finally getting their guys to play closer to their caliber while MSU is not getting the same diamond in the rough players they used to. If Dantonio made the right changes and they got back to developing great underdog players I believe they could get back to being competitive in the big ten, but it is obviously hard competing with OSU, PSU and Mich in a division.
Comment 03 Dec 2019
Put them in the west if it shuts them up. History will make it a protected rivalry and once they get their shit together and actually make it to indy we will clap their ass back to back.
Comment 02 Dec 2019
If it wasn't pretty clear his commitment is mostly based on questionable family advice I would agree. But it doesn't seem like Bijan really had the final say.
Comment 02 Dec 2019
For real! I don't even care that he won't be at OSU but it is obvious he is walking into a shit show circus. He has way to much talent to just waste away at that place and honestly if it is true his grandparents have been orchestrating the whole move and they don't realize what is going on there (or just don't care) they don't have his best intrest in mind.
Comment 01 Dec 2019
Wouldn't even be upset to move to the opposite division. Do they not think the B1G would make it a protected cross over game like it was with leaders/legends and on the off chance they do make it by Wisky some years we can crush them twice.
Comment 30 Nov 2019
The university is satisfied with 9-3 and I don't think there is a legitimate replacement that would do any better. Barring a can't say no caliber NFL offer he is there at least through his contract.
Comment 30 Nov 2019
Fuck everything about MGo and the complete lack of self awareness they have. The thread about TP was particularly spicy. For the M fans here I realize it magnifies your worst, but I god damn.
Comment 30 Nov 2019
White has been an enigma for sure this season. I had super high expectations for him in particular with how he came on so strong the second half or last season and seemingly being tailor made for the bullet position but he just hasn't been getting time.
Comment 29 Nov 2019
They can say whatever they have to at this point to make themselves feel better, that is a loser mentality. I am not jealous of a team that lost 7 in a row and hasn't had even a share of the conference title in 15 years no matter how great their history was when my ancestors were still living overseas. And I sure as hell wouldn't be coming on here starting threads about speculating with photo collages of their QBs hand with hopes that he is injured and that it may finally be the one thing to turn the tide on nearly 2 decades of dominance.
Comment 27 Nov 2019
My NFL team sucks ass and I only follow other games to see how former buckeyes do. Awful strategy for having the knowledge to pick fantasy teams effectively so the extra stress it adds to watching games just ruins any enjoyment I get out of it. Although I do get a good laugh every time a coworker of mine who is a total spartan homer talk about how great Michael Thomas has been for his team after how much I knew he hated him while he was at OSU.