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What Will It Take for UM to Fire Harbaugh?

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July 10, 2019 at 1:10pm

Everyone knows it, it's been talked about ever since 62-39 happened.
Ol' Khaki Man cannot lose to OSU this season. But I ask you this. What if he does? And not only that, what if they drop a couple conference games (they play Wiscy and Iowa from the west), and what if, just what if, they lose to Army. That would qualify as "worst case scenario" for Michigan. 

But even with all that being said, I don't see Jimmy getting the pink slip. His honeymoon period has lasted longer than any coach I've ever seen. I just feel like UM has "their guy". UM is relevant again, not because of winning, but because of his antics (oversees trips, sleepovers, etc...), and it seems like UM is content with that. They never ever ever want another Rich Rod fiasco, and I could see that weighing on their minds if they were deciding whether they wanted to endure another coaching search. 

I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts, and especially the thoughts of some of the Michigan faithful on the site. Am I completely off-base, or do you guys have a similar feeling? 

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