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Who is Your MOST Favorite CFB Head Coach and Why?

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May 7, 2019 at 5:44pm

So we did the least favorite, so why not go the other direction and talk about favorite current CFB head coaches.

Ground Rules again:

1. Cannot be Ryan Day (or UFM for those that believe he secretly signed a deal with USC already). This would be a boring thread without this rule more than likely. 

2. Cannot be the devil wearing khakis from up north. I think you will be dv'd into oblivion if you do it, so let's save you from that embarrassment. Besides he's an awful booger eater, which of course you know.

3. Must be a current CFB HC

I'm going to make my vote Kirby Smart. Dude doesn't whine. Dude runs a good program that he immediately took to a new level upon arrival. I like Mark Richt, but he always seemed to be just under the line for real success in the SEC. Smart made Georgia a powerhouse in the CFP contention every year. I respected the heck out of his defenses at Bama. He's doing a good job in GA. Handles his business well. 

Honorable mention, Chip Kelly. I think UCLA will be a contender in a couple of years.  His Oregon teams were always fun to watch. Another honorable mention, Chris Petersen at Washington. Boise was always a hoot to watch and he's moved Washington up the Pac-12 line a good bit. 

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