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Who is Your Least Favorite Current HC and Why

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May 3, 2019 at 5:01pm

There are often opinions about college head coaches including our own expressed in these parts. How about we rank them. 

Some ground rules

1. Must be a current CFB HC
2. Let's make it interesting and take the devil in khakis up north off the list, as that is easy and boring.  He's an awful booger eater. You know this. 
3. We are going for legitimate reasons not to like the guy (character, style, etc.), not just that he wins all the time. Not saying you can't name Dabo or Saban, but give a good reason at least

I'm going to go with Saban because I really believe he flaunts rules with how he reports (or doesn't) injuries, he seems to mislead media in pressers, and has general contempt for people questioning him. I'm sure he takes a lot of criticism and has to deal with that, but tact and grace are lost arts. 



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