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NCAA Is Considering College Football Rule Changes

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January 23, 2019 at 9:18pm

The NCAA is reportedly considering changes to a couple of major college football rules this offseason.


Todd Berry, executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, talked at length during the meeting about changes the coaches proposed during their own convention earlier this month. The AFCA unanimously supports a model that puts targeting fouls into two separate categories: targeting 1 for hits without malicious intent, and targeting 2 for more egregious hits. Targeting 1 would carry a 15-yard penalty and no ejection or suspension; targeting 2 would result in automatic ejection and possible suspension.

Lyons said the way targeting is called on the field and the way it is reviewed in the replay booth are also up for further discussion and review. The committee recommended further study by the football rules committee and football competition committee during their meeting in February.

 The overtime rules, could also be changed.

As for the overtime rule, Lyons said that is something the oversight committee wants the rules committee to study further in the wake of the seven-overtime game between LSU and Texas A&M this past season.

Though only a handful of games went beyond a few overtimes during 2018, Lyons said player safety is at the forefront of any possible tweaks to the overtime format, in which both teams get a possession at the 25-yard line and teams must go for two after touchdowns starting in the third overtime. He reiterated any change would rule out allowing games to end in a tie.

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