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Transfer Portal Troubles Ahead

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January 20, 2019 at 4:47pm

I just left the NCAA’s website having read about “Transfer Portal” it seems this so called portal has little or no guidance as it just opened this year for the first time ie their is no date guidelines for students, nor are their penalty guidelines given for those transfers made with little or no merit, so it seems that Johnny is a 3 star receiver and signs with tOSU, and has now played 1 full season and has premium playing time and great numbers but come his second season decides to enter portal so he can go home to play for UCLA (not recruited by), and UCLA happens to have open scolys, and is offered...... so Johnny makes an excuse that a coach called him a WOP! And voila he now plays full scoly for UCLA.

i ask anyone on this site to visit the NCAA site and read the new rag (pdf) they have posted titled Transfers, I was unable to find any governing factors covering this brand new tool, CAN YOU

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