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Born @ the greatest medical center in the world, in the greatest state in the union in the greatest country in the world, I donated my entire youth to the defense of this flag 4 conflicts later settled to raise my beautiful daughters, finished my education, now in the December of my years.......looking and trying to give as much back as I can THIS NATION IS NOT A DREAM IT IS AN HONOR


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Broken tibia catching a pass as a receiver for Columbus Central cause of a girl, we are still married
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jim Clemens and his Mom Mary
  • NFL TEAM: Not a fan
  • NHL TEAM: Not a fan
  • NBA TEAM: Not a fan
  • MLB TEAM: Not a fan
  • SOCCER TEAM: Not a fan

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Comment 03 Apr 2020

I will attain BIG superior happiness when Jim Bob goes to the airport for a ticket back to Cali ....... this season is his last shot at doing anything........... he farts he done

Comment 30 Mar 2020

THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH, I do hope to be around for the season, I am the only one of a quad of brothers left, and someone has to witness this kick ass year to come............  my heart hurts from all your kindness

Love all of you

Comment 30 Mar 2020

Dang Harley nice words, funny thing in August I went to Fort Benning to watch my grandson graduate, he is now at Fort Campbell, earning that parachute

Love you too dude !  SEMPER FI

Comment 13 Aug 2019

I have attended about 500 practices, I was told many years ago, by the King of Coaches WWH to always wear my Vietnam Vest, and go to the players gate and toolman would let me in, and on a few occasions when I still had the use of my lower limbs, I made a damned good waterboy.........  Earle told me if I was coming to practice, I had to DAMNED WELL EARN IT ! ....... Not so much now that I live in the December of my years........

Love you all

Comment 27 Jun 2019

Knowing the amount of Lawyers that come out of all the schools is it any wonder their are no LAWS for the NCAA to govern itself, their is always an excuse as to why this or that, but never a reason, just as in TATGATE, and last year an avenging asshole like Man DRAKE the magician, and this year NO COACH MEYER, sorry I saw that coming when the BS was being tossed about SMITH, should not have happened but it did, many of us here at 11W saw it coming when we were sitting with our thumbs you know where waiting to see the punishment from DRAKE, whom legally HAD NO DAMNED RIGHT for his office did not bring in the dollars, and I still seek my pound of flesh from that sorry son-of-a-bitch !

Comment 21 Feb 2019

I am so, so happy I was wrong and they found a way to become a team in this one, but not without the here we go moments, I was in my horse pasture with a 306 rifle (coyote season), so I had the play by play on cell phone, when I turned it on, I saw FOUL BY K WESSON, FOUL BY K WESSON, FOUL BY K WESSON........  I Was nervous, but not as nervous as that coward K9 seeking fresh meat, he was a no-show

Comment 16 Feb 2019

I will pass on the senior center, only had 1 woman in my life, and that shall remain, I live east of Marion, and will die east of Marion, I have given Daisey classes to most of the Churches in Marion, County those are repair classes for housewives who want to learn. Most people are scared to death of them, but yet they are just machinery, with few moving parts.

Comment 15 Feb 2019

It was a good decision, all though I am things seem to have slowed, but the beauty of the snow the last 2 weeks has kept my mind secure in that I made the correct decision, and Just as General Lee surrendered his country to protect his state, the move has made me well, and whole again, I went downtown last week, just to observe my people, and the people, and the wealth of memories in my life kept me warm..........  They can have the wild, wild west, I will keep the serenity of the great State of Ohio long after I pass on.

thanks Chief........... you are loved

Comment 14 Feb 2019

Expect little, get little, this is NOT a team, nor do they have belief in each other, I saw pointing fingers, and a lot of distaste on faces, gee wonder why.........  they are young, the trust will come as will the skill set......  JUST KEEP ON TRUCKING GUYS.

Comment 11 Feb 2019

How much did your girl have to put up with before she took the gun from the cabinet......... your comment has no justification whatsoever, and if you are not married GOOD FOR THE GIRLS THAT FIGURED YOU OUT !