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Spielman and Hooley. Intellectually Dishonest, or Just Not Very Intelligent?

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January 9, 2019 at 10:22am

Let me first say that I have nothing against them personally.  I understand that they get their gig to give an opinion and not everyone is going to agree with their opinion, but I literally laughed out loud as I listened to their conversation and the logic applied to back their opinions on several topics this morning.

First topic was talking about OSU football being valued at $1B and how college players are exploited with their free labor to the profit of OSU.  First, they have no clue how that $1B is calculated or what it means.  IT doesn't mean OSU makes $1B off of football anymore than a company with a market cap of $1B makes a profit of $1B a year.  They don't seem to have any business sense whatsoever which I don't expect them to, but then don't act like you know.  Second, college athletes are not exploited by anyone.  They get a great monetary benefit on the order of $100k a year or more (we can argue how much, but I'll just start with the fact that it costs $80k a year if you want to send your kid to a top notch prep school like IMG).  The training they are getting cannot be attained anywhere else in the country no matter how much you want to pay, not to mention, they are choosing to participate in something that is 100% voluntary for them.  If you want to make an argument that top universities could afford to pay them something over and above what they are already getting or that they should be able to make money off their likeness while in college thats a fair topic for discussion, but at least show some intellectual honesty in stating the huge benefits that they are being given by the institution they have voluntarily chosen to attend.  They were essentially propagating the idea that the college athletes are little more than chattel in a slave labor market and that idea is simply absurd.  Big time DI athletics have become a big business that a lot of people (including the student athlete) are benefiting from.

Second topic, college football playoffs.  The argument by both is that playoff expansion to 8 teams would dilute the regular season, that the kids are playing too many games and who would wanted to have watched Alabama beat Washington by 40 anyway.  My counter points that neither seemed to consider.  IF 15 games is too many, then eliminate a non-conference game.  While its true that Alabama probably would have beaten the 8 seed rather easily this year, what game would you rather watch them play, the Citadel in week 10, or Washington in a playoff game?  Second counter point, while I can at least accept an argument that each individual regular season game can lose some importance, it can also make some games more important.  In todays 4 team playoff, you lose one game the rest of your season could be pretty much meaningless (in regards to the national championship picture).  In an 8 team playoff, you can survive a single loss and it can raise the importance of the rest of your season because those games still matter for you making the championship playoff.  Going undefeated and winning our conference championship might not hold the drama of needing to win to make the playoff, but it would still be a relevant game for teams for seeding (and potential home field advantage in the first round).  Its not going to be like the NFL last couple of weeks where a team has clinched and rests some key starters and even with that, when was the last time anyone complained about the NFL and its playoff format diluting anything in the product?  I can see that at some point, too many teams in the playoffs can dilute the regular season importance (see NBA and NHL), but I don't think making sure you include teams that legitimately can win the title be included in the championship race is a bad thing for college football.  This year, having 8 teams wouldn't have mattered (we had 2 teams that were clearly the best), but the year we won it for example, there was a legitimate argument to be made for TCU or BAylor over us and if we had beaten Wisky by 30 instead of 50 and one of them had been chosen, college football would never have known who its best team truly was. 

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