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F Georgia Rant

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December 2, 2018 at 2:50am

I know this probably does not warrant its own thread, but I have to say it. 6 teams entered Saturday (5 actually playing a game) with a chance to make the playoff. Presumably, they all knew that a victory was necessary to make that possible. In OSUs case, they may need an "impressive" victory to make it happen for them. 

Alabama won today.......Clemson won today....Norte Dame got to sit out today because they are only half in the worst fu@&ing Power 5 Conference. The ACC was a joke when Florida State was actually good. Now, that they are pitiful, the ACC is barely better than the American...

Moving on.....Oklahoma won today (with the help of Big 12 Officials that do not understand Pass Interference)....Ohio State won today....The 6th team in the mix lost but now a certain faction of the ESPN-driven discussion wants that team to make the playoff.

To recap the results of the Contenders: Won, Won, Bye, Won, Won,.....tried really hard but lost. Lets reward the one F'n team that lost with a playoff berth. Everybody gets a trophy!

What a fucking joke!


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