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Joel Klatt Gets Mad About Blatant ACC and Standard SEC Bias in Playoff Ranking

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November 1, 2018 at 5:29pm

Klatt on BTN talking in depth about it

Klatt on Cowherd getting heated about it(more entertaining)

I know most people don't care about the playoff rankings and there are going to be 400 beat Nebraska comments so I want to start by saying thank you to those great comments. But this is exactly what happened last year when the committee ranked Fresno State 25 just because Bama beat them and they wanted to build an argument for Bama. I'm not really a big conspiracy guy but my goodness they aren't even hiding it well at all. The rankings just basically said the ACC is the second best conference in America when in reality it is competing to be the worst with the Pac-12. Having 4 teams is great but it needs to go back to a BCS type model but with better sources being factored into it. The case is being made to protect Bama and Clemson in the event they lose a game. Undefeated ND with a win over #5 Michigan is behind a 1 loss LSU because they beat #6 Georgia lol

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