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NBA to Start Paying Players (up to $125k) That Choose to Forgoe Colllege and Enter G-League out of HS

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October 19, 2018 at 9:49am
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While I think this will finally shut up some of the idiots that blame college basketball for not paying players or capitalizing on their image, this move makes almost no sense to me.  Why not just let the kids get drafted into the NBA out of HS.  Clearly there are at least a handful of players each year that can come in an contribute to a team right out of HS.  Let the kids get drafted like all others and let the team decide whether to assign them to the G league. 

If I were king, NBA would adopt the MLB rule.  Can get drafted out of HS or you wait until you are 21.  You can at any point choose the G league option, but pay is pretty minimal.  The NCAA should allow any HS kid not drafted in the first round and who doesn't sign with an agent or a pro contract to play in college. 

To be clear no change is going to eliminate corruption in college, or HS.  Some people are always going to be looking to exploit kids and some kids/families are always going to be looking to get paid.  There is no solution that eliminates that.  What this solution does is open up the free market and uses an established system that works just fine. 

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