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Living in the Era of the Greatest CFP Dynasty(Saban's Bama) is the Reason Everybody is Being So Irrational

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October 14, 2018 at 5:35pm

We are living in the golden age of Ohio State football. We have the greatest coaches, talent, NFL players, and recruiting we probably have ever had. However it just so happens we started our machine a couple years after Saban started his at Bama. Simply being located in the Southeast and having a couple years head start on Urban are the reasons Bama is better than us. 

Land Grant Holy Land tweeted yesterday was the worst defensive performance from OSU in a decade. We gave up 14 points and shut them out in the second half.  Dwayne Haskins is obliterating the stats of recent Heisman winners and should be the front runner but he isn't. Now I don't think Bama is the unbeatable Death Star a lot of people do based on the fact they have played 1 top 25ish team at home and havent played even an average team on the road. But they don't look like they have any flaws right now. If Bama didn't exist this year how happy would we be? We would be #1 with an easy Heisman winner and our closest competition would be Clemson who has struggled more than us with worse teams? LSU led by the QB who lost the competition here? Michigan who we get to play at home and still can't throw the ball? Bama is the reason everybody is being so irrational and I honestly can't blame them. Our defense gave up 14 yesterday and our QB threw for over 400 yards and I can't see how we win it all with a performance like that. 

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