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February 21, 2018 at 9:13am

PJ Fleck and the Golden Gophers have gone all in on rowing the metaphorical boat.

A unique pattern of an oar, boat and compass are emblazoned on the jersey numbers and collar to represent the program's Row The Boat culture. An oar also makes up the center stripe on the helmet and a compass with the player's number inside of it is displayed on the back above the school's traditional Ski-U-Mah cheer.

Look, I'm sure Fleck is a good head coach, but I just don't see lame ass metaphors being the way to go when you reach the big time.  Yeah, Minny is the big time since they are a Big Ten program.  Row your boat, Minnesota.  And have fun not playing anyone of relevance this season outside of Ohio State. (They don't play Michigan, Michigan State or Penn State this season.)


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