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Tuesday Ramblings - Bama Out

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January 10, 2017 at 8:31am

Well, folks.  Bama lost and it's always a great day when that happens.  I like to picture Saban sitting in a corner somewhere crying and talking about how much his 5-star recruits suck.  Let's hope for the demise of Alabama football.

Clemson is the real deal.  Deshaun Watson is the real deal.  Clemson's defense is the real deal.  Biggest stat of the game was Bama's 2-15 third down conversion rate.  Consider that number and it's easy to see why the Tide lost.  The Clemson defense was everywhere short of creating turnovers as they did against the Buckeyes.

Remember when sports writers were calling Alabama's defense the "greatest ever"?  I was assured they just hadn't played a good offense for much of the season aside from Ole Miss who promptly put up over 500 yards and 40+ points.  The Clemson offense amassed 511 yards and 31 (31!!!!!!!) first downs.  By comparison, OSU allowed 470 yards and 24 first downs, much of which took place in the second half.  Greatest defense ever huh?  I fucking love it.

Some Buckeyes are going to the NFL and some Buckeyes are transferring.  Some Buckeyes are also going to be playing in scarlet and gray next season.  One of them is JT Barrett.  While I've been unfair in my criticisms of him, I do believe that he cannot be handed the starting job next season.  I hope for an open competition and I'm 100% fine with whomever wins that.  Kevin Wilson is not Ed Warinner or Tim Beck. 

The offseason has been upon us for a minute now and with that, we must go off-topic.  That topic is forgiveness.  Do any of you find it difficult to forgive and let go of things?  I do.  I've also learned that true forgiveness is never achieved until you're able to think about someone or something without having negative feelings towards them.  This is not pertaining to anything specific, just some insight I've recently been made ware of in my recents readings that I thought I should share.  Furthermore, be grateful.  When you take a shower or do anything you you typically do without thought, tell yourself all the things you're grateful for.  You'll be amazed at how you feel.

Speaking of grateful, I'm grateful for a new beer I tried this weekend.  Blue Moon recently released a Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout and it's pretty damn tasty.  Pick up a sixer while you can since it's limited release.

I think I only said fuck once in this.

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