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EOAA 80-Page Report Released on Minnesota Players. Shocking Details.

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December 17, 2016 at 7:38am

The University of Minnesota has released the report of their Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA) investigation on sexual assault and harassment by ten suspended football players.  The report is 80-pages long and includes not only detailed interviews with the accusing victim and her alleged perpetrators, but also social media messages and videos made at the time of the purported assaults.

Some brief snippets from the EOAA report's 80 pages are copied below, and the entire document can be found at this link:

Note the victim is referred to as RS, and the accused are numbered A1 through A12. The initial sexual encounter at about 3:15 am with A2 and a visiting high school recruit seems somewhat consensual.  Although in an 8-second video shot by A2, the shirtless recruit is seen trying to unzip the top of a fully dressed RS, and she can be heard saying, "Noooooo."   A1, A4 and A5 had the most damning encounter 3-on-1, with witnesses saying RS was telling them to stop.

The Minnesota football players communicated through the Empire messaging group.  Here are some of the recorded messages:

Unidentified member: "Party at my crib 331 invite hoes!!" 
A2 wrote, "I got 4 hoes where the party at'' and "Go to the rail hell a hoes"
A11 sent a message, "if she aint tryna fck imma be pissed." 
A2 sent a message, "I'm sliding in some pussy rn lol" about an unidentified woman at l:35am. (Rn is an abbreviation for "right now.")

These next messages refer directly to RS:
At 3:17am, A2 sent a message, "Me and the recruit finna double team this bitch.'' ("Finna'' generally means "going to.")
At 3:25am, A2 sent another message stating, "Lol we forreal going brazy lol." ("Brazy" generally means "crazy.,)
A2 later messaged, "I took good videos."
Finally, at 4:17am, A2 messaged, "Damn A10 • all 3 them n****** hitting rn."

After receiving Empire messages, about a dozen football players showed up at A2's apartment to form a "train" and take advantage of RS.  They were in the hallway outside the bedroom door watching and laughing.  The EOAA report states that constitutes "sexual harassment."

The police had a 90-second video by A2 where he and the recruit are having oral and vaginal sex with RS.  They did not give a copy to the EOAA, instead they provided a written summary.  A2 could be in more trouble because it's illegal to film a sex act without the person's knowledge.  I won't go into details of all the later alleged sexual assaults.  See the link.

The accused A1 through A12 all provide damning evidence about who was there and what they did.  Two of the accused testified that RS did not seem to want the sex acts, so A2 called off the rest of the "train."  Afterwards, the floor was covered with a dozen condom wrappers and the furniture with dripping condoms.  The bed was so dirty, A2 said he could not sleep in his room.

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