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'Alt Blue'

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November 29, 2016 at 8:34am

I know in recent months we have heard the the phrase 'alt right' or 'alt left' to describe what are considered extreme political beliefs to either side of the spectrum. I propose we start using the term 'alt blue' to describe the faction of TTUN fans generally considered "those fans". Obviously not all TTUN fans are bad, and every fanbase has good fans and bad ones. But the legions of dipshits spouting conspiracy theories and complaining about ball placement in the TTUN fanbase seem to be proportionately higher than other fanbases. I thought of using this term the other day, and wanted to bring it here as a trial run to see what you guys think. Can we make this catch on?


Example: "I can talk to Andy about the game but Tyson is a little 'alt blue' to be able to have a good conversation with."

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