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Your Best Case for Two B1G Teams in CFP

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September 19, 2016 at 12:41am

It's seems to be shaping up that the B1G is the strongest conference in CFB.  I think more than ever before (i know, small sample size), the landscape of CFB this year might lend itself to two teams from the same conference getting into the CFP.  And that would especially be the case if the goal is truly to choose the best four teams to go.

Imagine for a second that either scUM or MSU dominate their opponents the rest of the way.  They meet us and it's a very close game where either one of just barely edges out the other...  Some more specific scenarios:

- scUM runs the table, beating MSU and then loses to us by a field goal

- We run the table, beat MSU and lost to scUM by a field goal

...or either of those combinations involving us and MSU.

Elsewhere, the SEC has a bunch of mediocre, two-loss or worse teams, and Alabama.  Stanford emerges from the PAC unbeaten.  The Big 12 have a bunch of mediocre teams, but Houston emerges unscathed. Louisville runs the table in the ACC, similarly beating up on a host of mediocre opponents.

In this scenario, the winner of the SEC and Pac 12 would most certainly go to the CFP, which leaves the following teams to fill the remaining 2 spots:


- scUM or MSU

- Louisville

- Houston

Could anyone objectively say that a team coming out the B1G East, who basically plays us to a draw, and who, mind you (another important condition) thoroughly dominates the rest of their competition - could anyone say that they aren't the better and more deserving team?  As opposed to a lousiville or houston coming out of weak conferences beating up on patsies?

So that's my best case scenario for two B1G teams.  If you've got a different one or thoughts on this one, I'd love to hear it.

Go Bucks!

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