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Why is Bo Schembechler such a legend?

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April 19, 2015 at 8:16pm


  • 21 seasons as UM head coach
  • 0 National Championships
  • 0 Heisman Winners
  • 13 Conference Titles
  •  5-12 overall Bowl Record including an abysmal 2-8 in the Rose Bowl
  • Teams finished the season ranked 20 of 21 seaons
  • 52% Win% Against Ohio State (11-9-1)

 I understand that he was a cultural icon up there, but his accomplishments seem to be pedestrian at best. He barely had a winning record against Ohio State, didn't win a single National Championship in 21 years and got absolutely owned in bowl games. I really respect Bo and I know what he means to our wonderful rivalry, but Bo Schembechler's record really sounds like 21 years of Jon Cooper's "almost-but-not-quite" seasons to me. 

I'm in my 20s so my question is for the people who can remember when he was the coach: Why is he thought of as such a legend when he never accomplished anything that is all that great? 

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