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Alabama, FSU, USC

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February 9, 2015 at 3:56pm

Alabama has obviously been a dynasty and continues to dominate recruiting. FSU won the BCS championship a season ago and has also been hot on the recruiting trail. USC is always going to be a major player in CFB and also recruiting, with the socal weather and girls, and also the tradition. They just seriously pushed Bama for the #1 recruiting class and they return a lot of talent next season. They seem to be bouncing back from their sanctions just fine. Question is, which of these three is going to be the best over the next 5 years? Is Saban planning on coaching as long as Bowden or maybe even Paterno? They have also not looked nearly as impressive the past two seasons, although still very good. Are they losing an Edge?

FSU.. Jimbo(yeah I had a brain fart and said Bowden) strikes me as someone with as much brain power, class, and respectability as the mother of Honey-Boo-Boo. Can this man keep up the high level recruiting and win without running a program that is always under the radar for arrests?

Is Sarkisian a coach that can take USC to the playoff and win bringing the program to its full potential?

So who's it going to be, and will any of them be a dominant program or dynasty in the short term? Will they all just play second fiddle to the Scarlet and Gray Urban Empire?

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