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College Football: The New Business Model

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Hoody Wayes's picture
August 26, 2014 at 4:54pm

To date, the college football business model has effectively paid its players with tuition and other incentives. As the new business model takes shape, the lords of the gridiron face a blizzard of questions.

How will teams continue to represent their schools? It seems to me, this question implies the review of local, state and federal government (Particularly, the Department of Education - re: Title IX, Financial Aid, labor law, local laws, etc.). Wouldn’t the schools be owners of de facto professional sports franchises? Would the schools continue to incentivize higher education, presenting it as a legitimizer of the players’ representation of their institutions? Would schools permit players to earn degrees or “pursue an education” (i.e. audit classes) and monetize these at different values? Would schools pay players a percentage in education value, matched by an equal amount in dollars, for their athletic participation?

Any other questions?

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