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Big 10 week #1 predictions

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August 23, 2014 at 11:02pm


Eastern Illinois @ Minnesota-  Gophers roll 44-12

Rutgers @ Washington State-  Cougars 30-17, on home field.


Jacksonville State @ Michigan State-  Michigan State 51-10, they get better competition in practice


Penn State vs UCF- IMO, the 3rd best  matchup for the Big 10 week 1.  Lions edge out Knights 24-23.  PSU has more experience at QB spot

Ohio State vs Navy- Buckeyes 49- 20.  Totally have no idea what  to expect from Buckeyes new OL, QB, or defense.

Appalachian State @ Michigan- UM 56-7, Wolverine fans will enjoy their first of 4 weeks they spend not hiding under a rock

Indiana State @ Indiana- Hoosiers 42-24, and nobody wants to sit next to Tom Crean  in his luxury box.

Northern Iowa @ Iowa- Kirk Ferentz will make more for this game, than Northern Iowa, and Hawkeyes will win 35-24, because the Hawkeyes normally struggle early in the season

Western Michigan @ Purdue-  I know nothing of W. Mich, I know Purdue will struggle this year, so I am picking the MAC over Big 10 upset.  24-17

Youngstown State @ Illinois- Illini 33-13

James Madison @ Maryland- Man, there a a ton of shitty match ups week 1, here's another one.  Terps win 57-12

California @ Northwestern-  Wilcats may struggle replacing Mark and Colter and regaining momentum. cal has been bad, but They are PAC 12.  In the few times I saw him play I thought Northwestern QB Siemien was pretty good.  Wilcats win at home 29-28

Florida Atlantic @ Nebraska- Nebraska runs for 400 yards and wins 48-13

Wisconsin vs LSU-  Great matchup.  9:00 pm start is a great cap for the day.  Either Wisky wins by 3 or loses by 21..... Hell IDK, Badgers win 28-25.






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