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August 14, 2014 at 10:48am

Arizona State offensive lineman Edward "Chip" Sarafin told Compete Magazine that he is gay, becoming the first active Division I college football player to come out publicly.


Didn't feel like attaching link to espin article. Anyways, I have absolutely nothing against gay people, personally I love 'em. Typically great people, entertaining, and glad they are getting same rights as everyone else.

The issue I have is I don't care if you are gay, straight, bi, etc.... what the hell does it have to do with sports? Why is it important? I had the same issue with Sam from Missouri.

You don't hear other players going around proclaiming to be straight, so why does anyone need to know when you're gay. I understand the coming out is a big thing and something that should be done in a personal matter. But not sure I understand the need to broadcast it through a magazine or media outlets.

Don't mean to rant and have nothing against this kid or any other coming out. But I don't feel that the general public needs to know or really cares. Furthermore, the accolades Sam got for his "courage" is borderline ridiculous. Save that for real courage, not someone bringing a spot light on themselves.

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