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Rank the Best Stadiums/Fans for Best Game Experience

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July 23, 2014 at 3:12pm

Don't take into account college town or surrounding areas/bars.  Just the game and the atmosphere.  For this purpose, I guess you would describe it as how electric a stadium feels for a game at its best (big night game or game against rival).  So, more about the fans than the stadium I suppose. This isn't a where do you want to go based on history either (ND, Rose Bowl, etc..).  Sites like Cotton Bowl for UT/OU and Philly for Army/Navy (two of the best for atmosphere) not counted as they are one time deals a year.

To note, I've only been to two of the stadiums I'm about to name so I'm basing it on numerous TV watchings and word of mouth.

What do you guys think are the top 5 in conference and then nationwide and why?

B1G -

1. Penn State - Just seems to be the most electric when I watch.  Might have the best student section

2. Ohio State - I think if every game had the rabidness and hunger of the fans during the '09 USC game I would rank this number 1. I was there in '02 for my only trip when we beat TTUN.  That one stood out too.  It just doesnt seem to be consistent enough for #1.

3. Wisconsin - Everything I hear about the stadium and the fans and the passion is good

4.  Nebraska - best fans in the country?  Probably, and they are nice to boot.

5.  Iowa - I remember huge night games there being pretty good spectacles - '06 game vs. OSU comes to mind.


3423. Rutgers - Too high??

Honorable Mention - Or dishonorable perhaps would be TTUN.  If every game was like their first under the lights against ND it would be a pretty awesome experience.  Instead it is like playing in a morgue.


1.  LSU - they registered as an earthquake after a touchdown for crying out loud

2. Penn State

3. Ohio State

4. Texas A&M - criminally underrated in my opinion.  One of the best atmospheres anywhere

5. Georgia - When I think tradition rich college football in the south this is what I think of.  Strong student section and overall crowd.

Honorable Mention - Clemson, Alabama, Wisconsin, Oregon,  Washington

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