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Definition of Show Cause Penalty?

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June 16, 2014 at 7:30pm

A debate at work left me a little stumped. We were talking about the ramifications of TatGate which led us to the discussion of the show cause penalty. I have heard the term many times and thought that I had a general understanding but my coworker had a differwnt explanation. I thought, for example, if a coach is issued a 3 year show cause penalty then any prospective employers would absorb said coach's punishment (NCAA sanctions) for the remaining years of the penalty. This DOES NOT mean that the coach cannot be employed by another school, just a means of making it harder for the coach to obtain employment until the punishment has concluded. I.E. HE/She cannot leave a school under sanctions and jump ship to another program without having the punishment follow the coach. Can anyone help clarify? My coworker claims that the coach cannot be employed during the show cause which I am pretty certain is false. A Google search didnt help out much so I figured I would get a better explanation here. Thanks in advance

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