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Comment 26 Feb 2017
I'm not a fan of anything Alabama does... I do agree that Saban offering Ohio guys before Urban leaves a bad taste in my mouth, as well as the prospects' I'm sure. Don't think that Saban isn't aware of that and is doing it as part of his mind-game chess match with Urban on the recruiting trail. Sure, these kids have talent but the more time our staff focuses on instate guys, is less focus spent on the national talent that OSU challenges Bama with. If Urban slow plays these kids, it makes him look disinterested and if Urban offers too early, it puts him in a bind on which elite, national players he recruits hardest. A fine recruiting trick, Nicky, but Urban still has your number!
Comment 19 Feb 2017
Not saying this is the case with Thompson, but I've always felt that Saban (and countless other coaches) offer a less heralded recruit in a rival's home state as a bit of a mind game. Perhaps he has little interest in Tavion Thompson, but by offering him he's causing Urban to pull the trigger faster than he'd like to. With Urban recruiting Thompson, it takes time and effort away from the "big fish" all the blue bloods are chasing. Not to mention Nicky can point out to said Big Fish, "they aren't that interested in you, Urban's recruiting 2 Ohio guys at RB and Snead is already committed. They don't seem to have a clear philosophy of what their offense will be, and Urban doesn't have the confidence that he can land a player of your caliber at OSU. You are THE guy at RB in our '18 class. We've known that from Day 1" (Then proceeds to sign 4 on NSD.) Negative recruiting at its finest, I'm sure. or maybe I just need to take off my tinfoil hat once in a while, and Bama is legitimately interested in Thompson. He is obviously talented and is garnering an absurd increase in attention from several big time programs. I just don't trust Nick Saban. He oozes shadiness on every level
Comment 19 Feb 2017
Glad to see the staff didn't slow play Tavion Thompson's recruitment. From my amateur eyes, this kid does NOT run the ball like a typical 3*. If he plays the 'cruitin game and attends the camps and combines, I think it's a safe assumption his overall ranking will skyrocket. Even without a highly regarded rating, as THE premier program in the state, OSU cannot let other teams, instate or out, gain any favor with a 6'2" 225 lb bruiser in our backyard. Our running game revolves around this kind of runner, and the stable isn't exactly stocked full of big bodies. Good move Coaches! Speaking of stocked (or bare) stables, this brings me to the recruitment of Gaoteote. Look, the kid plays like a madman and has all the physical tools you could ever want in a LB. I just always felt that he had USC written all over him. I'd be glad to have him reconsider and suit up for the good guys, but our LB stable is FAR from empty. We have ballers chomping at the bit to make a name for themselves on those hallowed grounds once fall rolls back around. Not to mention, there's a couple instate guys named Gant and Oats who are pretty nasty LBs in their own right. Best of luck, Mr. Gaoteote! I always want the best of the best recruits. If that means they hail from Florida, Texas, Cali and they can buy into the OSU culture and learn to love my fine University then I welcome them with open arms. However nothing is more special, to me at least, when a true-blooded Ohio guy has the elite talent to catch Urban's attention and can fulfill a lifelong dream of playing for the team he and his family have rooted for his entire life. Those are the recruiting stories that tug on the old heart. Ohio's recruiting class is very deep this year and I hope Urban makes it a priority to keep as many as possible at home! Let's all never take for granted how great this era of OSU football is. Sometimes, I hear too many fans whining about the most trivial things. We are KILLING it in the CFB world, so let the small stuff go. Look at the interest we garner from the top 100 recruits annually, then look at our winning % since UFM took over. Its a great time to be a Buckeye, don't waste it bitching about dumb stuff and realize in 20 years how great this era was. Enjoy it! (Feel free to relive my nightmare childhood with replays of EVERY John Cooper ttun game...that's all the perspective you'll need) Go Bucks and thank God I was born a Buckeye!!!
Comment 06 Feb 2017
Nothing like copying and pasting a quote twice without realizing it. Follow that by falling asleep with the phone in your hand, hitting save by accident and snoozing for about 35 minutes. Damn you 10-minute edit deadline! What I was going for post quote: Yeah he could've stayed close to home in warm, sunny FAU...until Lane Kiffin was hired. Urban Meyer offers him a walk on spot and then he proceeds to laugh for nearly an hour thinking about the differences between the coaches and programs. What a tough call! Urban Meyer or Lane Kiffin? Ohio State or Florida Atlantic? Pretty similar to how different Gray Goose vodka is from the $10 rot gut on the bottom shelf! Great choice kid! He said "to hell with the year round sunshine if it means no Lane Kiffin." Kid put 2000 miles between him and Daniel Tosh, err, Lane Kiffin as fast as he could! If he REALLY wanted to stay in Florida and didn't want Kiffin as his coach, his past coaching stops' results say by the time Curtis gets to start, it will be under a new year coach and FAU will leave Laney on at a Greyhound bus station mid season of his 2nd year!
Comment 04 Feb 2017
Under the influence or getting a tattoo as a trend (see: 90s barbed wire arm wraps) then "you're probably gonna have a bad time." A recruit (I know he was a commit but he was 3 years from signing...he was a recruit) tattooing their school of choice is the same as getting your girlfriends name tattooed in high school: However, some people are proud of the ink they wear as it has deep meaning to them. A memorial for a loved one, spiritual commitment, motivation or whatever can be understandable reasons to get any ink. I could never think of anything I wouldn't tire of in a few years so never chose to get one. At this point in my life, Ive settled on one such piece of artwork- one with a deep meaning to me that would serve as a daily reminder of who I am as a man and the moments that influenced that growth. (end rant) Point is, not all tattoos are ones their owners regret, and are not "accidents waiting to happen." If one researches his artist and has a connection to the art, enough to permanently display the piece and still conciously chooses to go through with it, then Kudos to them. Danny Clark though? Yeah. that's a perfect example of the phrase "accident waiting to happen", along with 90% of tattoos chosen while flipping through a numbered catalog with numbered templates...or ones that a teenager would choose. (Go Bucks, Brutus, or Script Ohio are the exceptions of course!)
Comment 28 Jan 2017
LMAO! that made my day! Classic Chapelle! Dave's white guy voice always slays me! Not to date myself, but did anyone else get to catch him perform at the Schott for the Big Free Show for students? Glad those activity fees I had to pay were used on someone as funny as Dave Chapelle! Hardest that I've laughed in my life Allow me to add: CHARLIE MURPHY!!!!
Comment 28 Jan 2017
Yep Jeremy Hill was the better player than Carlos Hyde since Hill played a pro style and Hyde came from a spread. Seriously? Hyde can catch and he isn't s little scat back. Hyde is a 230lb wrecking ball. Not like a handoff in a pro style is a completely different process than in a spread. Plus Hyde played CFB in the same state as your franchise, Cinci! Not that the Bengals ever draft OSU guys that much but I'm still bitter about Hill over Hyde as a aBengals fan. Bad decisions are old hat w the Bengals front office. Marvin Lewis has no control over his team and should have stayed a DC, which he excelled at. Biggest problem in that organization.... Mike Brown. Until he leaves the onfield product won't change or improve. Marvin Lewis seems like a stand up guy but its been decades and little to nothing has changed. Mike Brown is happy being middle of the pack as long as the organization stays in the black even if its just barely. As long as Mike "I'm Paul Brown's son" Brown accepts mediocrity and doesn't shake up the entire staff, its always gonna be middle of the pack average every year. Mike needs to hang it up and stop getting a free pass on his baffling decisions that are typically disasters. But Paul Brown is an icon! A legend! Yeahx Paul Brown is...but that's not a freebie for his son to ruin his father's (2nd) franchise. UGH! -END RANT At least the Bengals have cool uniforms. The tiger stripes on the pants are nice and our striped helmets are amazing. Gotta enjoy the little things guys
Comment 28 Jan 2017
The first time I saw Jeff Okudah as a junior, he immediately became #1 on my wish list for the class of 2017. OSU churns out elite DBs year after year (It seems the OSU-NFL pipeline for DBs has caught the elite players' attention. See: greatest haul of DBs in recruiting history- GAME RECOGNIZE GAME!), so naturally a player with Okudah's skill set is perfect for the expectation and scheme at DBU. A rangy burner who can hit like Jack Tatum 2.0 was destined to don the S&G. But crutin' be cruitin' and nothing is certain. We kept hearing the right things from him regarding OSU being his top school but I worried that he'd get caught up in the recruiting game and choose an unworthy school closer to home. Thankfully, this kid is intelligent and humble enough to not let the recruiting shenanigans (MEOW!) affect him. Best decision ever, Jeff! Kid knows he's the cream of the crop and that OSU will take his existing skills and strengthen them into an NFL caliber skill set. "Ohio State will produce a 1st round DB in the NFL draft, possibly multiple OSU guys" occurs so often that it can damn near be confirmed as a scientific law. #Facts Although each incoming DB is a bonafide star waiting to shine, I was/am most excited for Jeff Okudah. If I was given first dibs on any player from the 2017 class, he would be my pick. Our expectation of greatness gets reinforced annually and Okudah has the physical and mental tools to carry on the amazing pedigree for DBs at OSU. His attitude and willingess to learn/get better will pay off quite nicely under Schiano/Coombs' tutelage. (Lattimore, Hooker and Conley nod accordingly) Common Prerequisites for an elite DB at OSU: "Jeff Okudah's attributes and contributing factors" •Jaw dropping skill set and athleticism? √ •Work ethic, intelligence, and coachable? √ •Humility, academic, high character? √ •Top notch facilities and strength staff? √ • Team player, good teammate chemistry? √ •Elite program producing NFL DBs annually? √ • Has talent surrounding him on the field? √ •Urban Meyer, Greg Schiano, Kerry Coombs? √ Seems like they better get a spot ready in Buckeye Grove! All signs point to this guy being the next legendary DB at OSU! I was always impressed by his ability as a player, but now I'm just as impressed with his character off the field. I'm proud that he represents my University. Jeff Okudah and Ohio State are tailor made for one another. Can't wait to watch him make WRs and QBs miserable for the next few years! Reload another silver bullet! In terms of opportunity to contribute early, fitting the standards of OSU FB culture and looking like the prototypical ELITE DB that OSU fields every year, he was the best choice for 2017 . (Yeah I'm talking about the 'historic, loaded at every position, astounding .95 avg player grade-the highest avg for a class in modern recruiting history,"...that class of 2017) That's how special I think Okudah can be. Of course, I'm ecstatic with all the 2017 commits. This class has future All Americans and stars just waiting for their time, but Okudah and OSU are undoubtedly the perfect fit. A great DB deserves to showcase his talent for a program renowned for producing the best DBs in the nation-every season. This class will do some major damage after they learn the system and survive Mick's dojo a couple times. With guys like Okudah, Browning, Wade, Grimes, Martell, pick any name you like and he is a monster, how can they NOT hoist a championship(s) With a new staff to rejuvenate our offense and incredible reinforcements on their way, its going to be a fun ride! 2017 was a class for the ages, but Urban Meyer is still the head football coach and isn't going to slow down bringing in even more elite talent in 2018 and beyond. Urban expects greatness from himself, his staff, his already ridiculously gifted players and mostly he expects OSU to be great...because it is! Folks, its said often but with an incoming class of this caliber, the future is bright for OSU.
Comment 22 Jan 2017
He might have won a few chuckles at this presser but that's about the only thing he'll win. Not sure if FAU looked at his résumé but he has done nothing as a head coach except lose games and his job. He loves talking smack but never backs it up on game day. Lane Kiffin is so full of himself that he takes shots at two of the game's best coaches in HISTORY when he has done NOTHING as a head coach except sound like an idiot. (His daddy earned respect as a coach. Lane rode those coat tails into a coaching start, so he's basically an entitled brat) He's talking about winning a championship at FAU, yet he struggled posting .500 seasons at two powerhouse programs. The only championship Lane has been a part of is courtesy of Saban and Bama. Its obvious that Kiffin cannot be the alpha on a team because he has no one to keep him and his mouth in check. A team will follow the coach's lead and behave similarly. He is a poison for any program blind enough to hire him (past results don't lie). Really FAU? You wanted to hire this clown who couldn't last beyond 2 years with his previous teams? Go home FAU AD, you're obviously drunk!
Comment 22 Jan 2017
Not a better way to describe Kiffin! Well, maybe right behind Ass hat, douchebag and mediocre entitled jerk off who rode Daddy's name into his "profession."
Comment 16 Jan 2017
Good God, BJ Foster can lay the lumber when he tackles! What an amazing player! I hope Meyer and Schiano can work their magic again in Texas and bring in that state's best DB (again). I always love seeing local kids fulfill their dreams of being Buckeyes and hope Ellison gets the oppurtunity. However, I would think his history of injuries and the plethora of elite backs in 2018 with OSU interest would have our coaches passing on him. Should be interesting to see what unfolds until NSD.
Comment 09 Jan 2017
I've been hoping to see EGW make the switch as well. Assuming Eric Smith is healthy, he will most likely get the nod to start beside Damon Webb. That's leaving one of the fastest players on the roster watching the game. EGW is too good of an athlete to be on the sidelines. Our WR group has struggled to make plays and has lacked a deep threat since Devin Smith. Maybe EGW wouldn't be the answer for the missing deep threat, but he could be deadly on screens or operating in space. Chris Worley raved about his agility during practice and if he was giving a loaded Ohio State defense issues, imagine what he can do against our opponents. We are getting a competent OC (FINALLY!) and I have no doubt that Wilson could utilize EGWs athleticism. Our secondary is ready to reload. Sure, EGW might snag a starting role this off season to replace Hooker. But look at the players behind him if that happens. We have recruited the hell out of the secondary the past few years and we are adding the best group of DBs in history this year! There are plenty of able bodies in our secondary, but at WR the same cannot be said. It makes more sense to move him to a thin position where he can help bolster a struggling unit. He wouldn't be missed as a DB as much as he would help as a WR. Fingers crossed...
Comment 08 Jan 2017
I've been hoping that EGW makes the move to offense. I'm sure that he can become a great defensive back but it looks like it may take another year based on last season's 2 deep. Not to mention the fact OSU is signing perhaps the best group of DBs ever, certainly at OSU, he could get buried on the depth chart by the incoming class. EGW is far too athletic to be watching from the sidelines. After reading Worley's comments about his elusiveness during bowl practices, it only cemented my wants for him on offense. The WR group has struggled and with the addition of Kevin Wilson its time to start letting EGW do work with the ball. H Back is in good hands. Samuel may return as a heisman contender and Demario McCall will fill in nicely should Samuel declare. EGW could emerge as the missing deep threat, but I think he could be dangerous on screens or a quick hit out in space. If he was making our defense miss, he can do it to anyone!
Comment 07 Jan 2017
I wanted Okudah in this class more than any other player after the first time I saw him play footbal because of his talent. After reading this, I am more impressed of his mindset and humility than his talent, as impossible as that sounds. I am proud that this young man will be an ambassador for my beloved university. With this kind of attitude, I have no doubt that he will be a great success, football or not. They might as well get his tree ready in Buckeye Grove. Great pickup by Urban and his staff!
Comment 07 Jan 2017
Okudah was probably #1 on my most wanted list for this class after I got to watch a game of his during his Junior season. Elite in man coverage, but what impressed me the most was his tackling. Flies around like a missile and definitely isn't afraid to lay the wood. Jeff Okudah and Shaun Wade would be a scary duo for an opposing QB. Add in Amir Riep, Marcus Williamson and Isaiah Pryor and that's one helluva secondary. No, its a LEGENDARY SECONDARY!
Comment 04 Jan 2017
I would love to see Samuel return and see what he can do with a competent OC, but if he decides its time to get paid then best of luck. He gave me one of my favorite memories at the Shoe when he stabbed ttun through the heart with the Brooklyn Dagger! Demario McCall is on deck and should fill in nicely should Samuel declare
Comment 04 Jan 2017
I don't see how most of the blame for the OL deficiencies can be pinned on Studrawa. He had to replace a 1st round draft pick and returned only a couple starters. Michael Jordan played well for a freshman, but it was obvious that depth is the most glaring issue when Knox came in to replace him on Saturday night. Studrawa did fine with what he was dealt with in my eyes. Is he as good as Warriner was? I'm not so sure. We don't have a large enough sample to compare the two yet. Did Studrawa under perform enough to justify losing his job? I don't see how that conclusion can be reached just yet
Comment 02 Jan 2017
Speaking of getting paid, Schiano better be receiving a hefty pay raise. He replaced 3 starters in the secondary and turned 2 of those guys into 1st rounders- possibly top 10 picks. Malik and Marshon Lattimore are special talents, no doubt. However, they had a brilliant coach who DEVELOPED their skills. Nonetheless, Congrats Mr. Hooker! What you did in 1 short season is nothing short of amazing. You will be missed and remembered! Let's reload! Go Bucks!