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Comment 01 Jan 2018
Aside from hating that while state, glad to see Vrabel get some recognition. Bill Belichick said he was one of the smartest players he's ever coached and his coaching career has proved that statement true. Even with limited experience, I think rolling the dice on Vrabel will payoff. #DevelopedHere
Comment 11 Oct 2017
According to Birm's recent Dotting the 'Eyes article on , he wasn't at last two games. While nothing has been officially stated, his Tweet location was Fort Lauderdale during the past 2 games. Also states he will stay in Florida for the remainder of the semester with the plan to return next semester. Hope everything works out for the Grimes family and that Trevon can fight through his troubles and reach his potential (hopefully back at OSU) Urban canceling his presser to visit and support a player (Grimes) and then flying down with other staff is a loud and clear message to Grimes that they have big plans for him and want to show how important he is to the program's future. Also showing support to his family while they battle 'issues." I've never heard of a coach doing something like this when a player takes a leave. Urban isn't going to lose a talent like Grimes without fighting to the end. I hope its a problem that he can tend to and get himself back on track to unleashing the scary potential he has. Typically those planned returns after a leave from the program don't happen (Torrance Gibson as a recent example). Different circumstances with each guy and I'm not hopeless on his return yet. I'm not very confident though. Do your magic, Urban! Best wishes to Trevon regardless of where he plays next year.
Comment 10 Oct 2017
Ward's punishment from the game is vindicated in a way. that highlight of Ward dishing out the real punishment will live on forever not just in Buckeye Lore, but in college football.
Comment 08 Oct 2017

If a receiver is running a slant route or the QB lobs the ball to him in the flat, he's gonna take a big hit occasionally. Elite programs recruit defenders who have the speed, strength and the football IQ to assess the play then blow it up. Defenses are at such a disadvantage in football anymore. Denzel Ward essentially was penalized because of his talents and the hard work he has put in to be capable of making a stellar play.

Comment 08 Oct 2017

A receiver attempting to catch a forward pass or in position to receive a backward pass, or one who has completed a catch and has not had time to protect himself or has not clearly become a ball carrier. 

 The rule as written above doesn't apply to Ward's hit anyways. The video shows the ball in the receiver's possession, his head turned upfield and he (attempted) to run upfield. Albeit it was 1 or 2 steps, he turned upfield. Advancing the ball upfield is "a football move," or am I missing something. Botched call in every aspect.

What is the "legal" amount of time a play has to protect himself and "become the ball carrier" described in the rule?  To my understanding, contact can't occur before the ball touches the receiver's body. What are defenses supposed to do, allow the reception and then hit him?  This is the absurd, unclear language in revised rules that causes such inconsistent officiating now. 

Comment 08 Oct 2017
I wish all players a safe career and hope none suffer longterm problems from their career. These guys know what sport they are playing and the risks involved. The lucky few who make the NFL are absurdly compensated to take those risks. Softening the game of football isn't going to eliminate injuries or make that big of a difference in CTE cases (I'm no expert. Just seems that CTE is a result of repetitive impact and the WR that Ward lit up isn't going to suffer any longterm affect) Football players or league commissioners complaining about big hits and injuries happening during a football game is comparable to a dude poking a rattlesnake with a stick, pissing it off and getting bit when he tries to pick the snake up. You knew it was a rattlesnake before you tried to pick it up.
Comment 08 Oct 2017
You're right, Ward's hit and ejection should be a catalyst for change in redefining the penalty for incidental targeting. At the very least, the rule needs some major editing so every official has the same understanding of "targeting." They need CLEAR language explaining when an ejection is mandatory and also when NOT to eject a player. It's pretty obvious when a guy takes a cheap shot or attempts to injure an opponent. Unless its a blatant attempt to injure, no one should get tossed from the game. Call Unnecessary Roughness, penalize 15 yards and play the next down. Worked just fine until they had to throw in the "targeting" nonsense. Now, a former unnecessary roughness penalty is grounds for ejection under the targeting moniker. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
Comment 08 Oct 2017
I agree that all calls are made based on interpretation. However, a botched holding call, PI, facemask doesn't require a player ejection (which can affect 2 games a la Arnette last night) that can change the outcome of a game. My point is that targeting with ejection shouldn't have a margin for error that occurs on a missed call. That's the main overhaul I speak of. Good debate S&WBuckeye
Comment 07 Oct 2017
You bring up several valid points. I wish every football player could have an injury free career and live with little to no complications from their playing days. Unfortunately, this is an impossibility. There have been and will continue to be advancements in player safety but every guy that laces up his cleats and puts on that helmet knows the risks involved in a high contact sport. Football is America's #1 sport for a reason. Steps can be taken to protect players but not at the expense of ruining the game. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned big time insurance policies taken out by star players. Of course those companies don't want to pay benefits to an injured player. Easy fix, soften the game and reduce those costly injuries. Great post NewPhilaFan
Comment 07 Oct 2017
Can't wait to hear the B1G's explanation for Ward's targeting penalty and subsequent ejection. They can't BS their way out of this one. Blown call in the truest sense of the phrase. Some officials better be ejected for a few games for their incompetence. They are too quick to throw flags and let replay short it out (and took all of 5 seconds to review the Ward hit). What a joke!
Comment 07 Oct 2017

The officials' incorrect interpretation is exactly the reason for an overhaul. A player's ejection shouldn't rest in the hands of an official's understanding of unclear language, as every official can interpret the rule differently. 

Of course Arnette earned his penalty. Dumb move on his part. However, we see ejections that have no merit almost weekly. Take interpretation of "intent" out of the process. 

Comment 07 Oct 2017

My theory is treat it like soccer treats fouls, two yellow cards and you're out. If a player gets two personal fouls (or two targeting calls) in a game, then toss him.

Brilliant idea! It gives the player a warning to clean up his play and also gives the officials a mulligan so we don't see guys ejected for making a hard, legal hit. 

Comment 07 Oct 2017

Amazing when wives make more sense than the NCAA clowns making the rules.

"Defenseless receiver" kills me. If you have the ball a defender is coming to ruin your day. Am I the only one who was coached to "have your head on a swivel?" A bigger, faster defender made a vicious hit causing the ball carrier's  head to snap backwards. Here's the solution for the smaller player- hit the gym and get bigger and faster!

Comment 07 Oct 2017

Video of Ward's hit should be used as a coaching aid to show young CBs how to assess a short route and how to properly disrupt the completion...light that receiver up as soon as he touches the ball! Naaaaasty hit. Jack Tatum would be proud!

Comment 07 Oct 2017

The language is far too ambiguous when it was written. All the power is in the official's opinion. How can they determine "intent to injure"? (unless its completely blatant, which RARELY is the case) 

Make "targeting" a 15 yard penalty.  if the hit is an obvious headhunting attempt, an ejection is justifiable. Crap calls like we saw tonight are inexcusable

Comment 07 Oct 2017

What is illegal about this hit?

This is a textbook hit and is a joke that targeting was called. Head is up, helmet to the side of opponent's body. Full force of the hit dislodges the ball, causing an incompletion. Great play Denzel Ward! Shame on the officials for penalizing a player for making a great read and nasty hit in the open field! 

Comment 07 Sep 2017
This might not be Herman's "first" rodeo, but he isn't too far from it. He's still green as a head coach and is far from being considered a proven winner or a program savior. He isn't in Houston where a major bowl appearance leaves the fan base in awe. He's coaching at a University with a pedigree, fan base, and expectations that rival any true Blue Blood program in the country. Results are expected from Day 1. His pixie dust remark screams insecurity to me. Throwing his inherited roster under the bus isn't a smart way to change a broken culture. Wouldn't be surprised to see his team give no effort and quit on him. Why would they give 100% for a coach who seems like is just biding his time until "his guys" get into the program and has no faith in those who ARE the program already? Urban inherited a roster with similar, if not worse, problems. He had to use a fullback as his starting middle linebacker! Tom Herman isn't walking into any sanctions or a post season ban either. Urban's first OSU team had literally nothing to play for but pride and for each other. The 12-0 result shows why Urban is an elite head coach. Herman's remarks after the Maryland loss shows his lack of head coaching experience and that he has a lot to learn about running a major football program.
Comment 01 Sep 2017
Shout out to the IU student section for chanting "overrated" while up 21-20 in the 3rd qtr. You poked the bear and pissed him off. The ensuing play gave them 74 yards of sweet irony in the form of a Parris Campbell TD. In case they didn't swallow that full glass of shut-up juice, the next 3 unanswered touchdowns did the trick!
Comment 01 Sep 2017
Aside from the usual drunk "suckeye" smack talk from a few 20 year olds, it was pretty tame on the home sideline (or in my section at least) I want to thank the IU student section for starting the "overrated" chant in the 3rd qtr while up 21-20. You poked the bear and got him pissed to the tune of 29 unanswered points.