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The B1G should boycott Notre Dame

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May 17, 2014 at 11:12am

Tom Dienhart from thinks the B1G should boycott Notre Dame because, he argues, they basically use the B1G and demand we play them on only on ND's terms. He goes on to argue that we have enough money and enough exposure that we don't need to act like Nd's ***** and beg for them to play us when they have given us the finger and ran off the the ACC. Here's a snippet:

So, there was Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly talking at a recent golf outing about how he’d like to see the Fighting Irish’s series with Michigan and Michigan State continue.

(Slow, sarcastic clap.) Sure, it would be nice. Who hasn’t enjoyed the games between the Spartans and Irish, and the Irish and Wolverines? Great stuff over the years.

But Michigan and Michigan State should pull the plug on all games with Notre Dame. You, too, Purdue, which has played the Irish annually since 1946.

What’s the benefit to playing Notre Dame?

Big Ten teams don’t need the money that a game with Notre Dame would provide. Big Ten teams don’t need the exposure that a game with Notre Dame would provide.

So, why play ND?

You can read the whole thing HERE

I personally agree with Tom. ND can't have their cake and eat it too. They can't crap on old rivalries and buddy up with the ACC and then agree to play us only whenever it's convenient for them.

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