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Where's the Best OSU Merchandise?

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March 20, 2014 at 11:29am

So, I am an avid OSU fan. Well to specify, I am mostly interested in football, im not a real big basketball fan. Every year I like to help spread my buckeye pride by giving out OSU merchandise as gifts for christmas, birthdays, etc.. Over the years I have purchased the whole range of OSU stuff from hoodies/sweaters to coffee mugs & pens. Last year I even purchased some awesome buckeye themed beach balls from (they offer a freaking awesome Brutus Beach Ball, plus they have the cheapest price, I suggest checking them out). The question I am posting for this year is where can I get unique OSU stuff. The most unique item I have found so far are the beach balls I mentioned above. I would like to get a jump-start on my christmas shopping so if anyone knows of where to get unique and awesome OSU stuff please post the contact info here. Thanks everybody and GO BUCKEYES!     

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