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Describe Your Favorite Burger

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October 20, 2020 at 11:08am

Just had a quick conversation about Thurman's on the Skully and it got me 1) drooling, and 2) thinking we haven't had a hamburger conversation in awhile so here goes:

Describe what makes up your ultimate/favorite hamburger if you could create it right now. Not necessarily where from, but you can include that, but type of patty, bun, condiments, toppings, etc.

For me I prefer a great bun/meat ratio that is about 60/40 bun to meat. It's enough to let the meat feature but the right amount of bread to soak up any grease so it doesn't become mushy or fall apart.

I prefer a potato bread bun that's soft with that slight sweetness but doesn't fall apart.

Patty is smashed with crisp char on the outer rim of the burger while still being juicy and tender to taste the caramelization of the meat sugars.

Toppings are bacon crumbles and chopped, grilled onions with some pickles. Sauce depends on the mood and location (if they have a special sauce they feature I'll go for that).

My current favorite burger is NFA Burger in Dunwoody (just outside of Atlanta). It's a double patty smash burger with bacon bit, grilled onions, B&B pickles, mustard, sassy sauce (his own blend but similar to most mayo-based special sauces) on a potato-bread bun with his own custom spice blend seasoning the beef.

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