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Shameless and Selfish Fantasy Football Thread

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September 9, 2020 at 11:01am

I play fantasy football every year.  I'm not that good at it (as you'll see).  This year I tried to do some research and I had a decent plan going into my draft last night if I drafted anywhere in the top ~10 (12 team league), depending on what others did.  Naturally, I drew lucky number 12 in the draft order, which had me scrambling to come up with a modified plan now that the "can't miss" RB's were off the table.  This is what I came up with:

QB:  Jimmy G.

RB: C. Akers, A. Gibson, L. Murray, Z. Moss., T. Pollard

WR: T. Hill, J. Smith-Schuster, R. Woods, D. Jackson, H. Ruggs III

TE: G. Kittle, C. Herndon

K: J. Myers

DEF: Tennessee

Thoughts on what I should do week 1 with running backs?  Any other advice from those who know what they're doing?


- Bad at Fantasy Football

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