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Anyone Here from or Currently in or Recently Visited Myrtle Beach (South Carolina)?

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May 23, 2020 at 11:43am

I am going to go on vacation down there with my Fiance. We originally were not going to go but she convinced me. We are staying in Surfside at my parents beach home. I am just curious how packed the beaches are / if places to eat are open . We plan to wear masks when we go grocery shopping / get gas ( Wipe down the handles when we use them at the has stations ) . We are flying home but thats not really the point.

Are there a lot of cases down there? From what I gathered, it doesn't seem too bad but I would like the view of someone currently down there or someone that recently has visited.


Edit: Also, Hi everyone. I do not post much here in the Football Off-season. Go Bucks! Hoping we see Football in the fall ( as long as staff and players can be safe )

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