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Words and Phrases You Hate....

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April 24, 2020 at 11:32am

What commonly used words and phrases do you despise the usage of?

No political terms and no adjectives that describe people whom you dislike.

My hate........

Epic. The most overused and annoying word out there. Unless you are describing your ascent of K2 or a march of Ghengis Khan’s army or a 72 hour drinking and gambling binge w/ no sleep-don’t go there. Your fantasy sports team or Fortnite session or trip to BW3-not worthy.

Glorious. This isn’t the 18th century and you aren’t a romantic poet.

”Best version of myself”. Ok, maybe we need to lose a few pounds or get sober or whatever. No need to coat it in Tony Robbins feel good psychobabble bs.

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