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Cord-cutting Update...

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December 4, 2019 at 12:50pm

I was paying $200/mo for DirecTV and had been a DTV subscriber for 20 yrs. The cost finally got to a point that I started looking for alternatives. That just happened to be when there was a viable alternative on the scene. YouTubeTV. 

I signed up for the YTTV trial and ran it side by side w/DTV for a week. Checking picture quality, recording options and, mostly, live sports availability. YTTV was in winner on all counts. So, I cut the cord.

All DTV equipment is out of the house. I now have 3 TVs operating on YTTV with three Roku Ultras as my streaming devices. Roku helped mightily by having a Black Friday sale at Walmart. Got 2 Roku Ultras at less than half the regular price ($48 vs $100).

CAUTION: Older or low-end Rokus may not be compatible w/YTTV. The Ultra is fast and the remote has TV on/off, volume control and JBL earbuds. All upgrades from older Roku models. 

Turns out that Best Buy had a 32" HD smart TV for $80. I got that one because it was the biggest that could fit into the wall unit space available. 

What I like best (aside from the price - $50/mo vs $200/mo) is the recording capabilities. It is UNLIMITED. I always had to worry about reaching capacity on the DTV DVR. YTTV allows you to set for recording once and it will record that show/team/league w/o any further manipulation. 

The bottom line is that I wish I had done it earlier. I had all kinds of concerns and, frankly, after 20 years I was very comfortable with DTV. Well, now I'm very comfortable with YTTV and can't recommend it highly enough. 

Oh, and you won't lose YTTV when it's raining outside. :-) 


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