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Comment 3 hours ago

Nice job on the Clemson analysis. I really appreciate it.

And while I would agree that Lawrence and Etienne are elite in any context, I have to reserve that judgement on any other Tiger offensive players. Clemson simply has not played in the universe of competition as Ohio State. 

The best defense Clemson played was #31 in Tot Def, Texas A&M. Ohio State played six teams that were ranked higher than that in Tot Def, three of them in single digits (top 9).

Actually, the best defense Clemson played was #20 Wofford. Of course that is an FCS ranking. Ohio State didn't play any of those. 

Clemson             Tot Def

Ga Tech            #89

aTm                  #31

Syracuse          #115

Charlotte          #67

UNC                #59

FSU                 #99

Louisville          #107

B.C.                 #125

Wofford           #20 (FCS)

NC St.            #74

Wake Forest   #79

S. Carolina     #70

Virginia           #40

Average       #79.6

Ohio State          Tot Def

FAU               #48

Cinn              #52

Indiana          #37

Miami (O)      #58

Nebraska     #66

Mich St        #18

NW             #25

Wisc            #8

Maryland    #109

Rutgers      #97

Penn St     #23

scUM        #6

Wisc          #8

Average    #42.7

Some people may say stats are for losers but, in this case, no one has lost yet. I think these stats do reveal a playing field that is not level. It is heavily tilted in Clemson's favor. 

It also works the other way. Clemson is ranked #1 in Tot Def. Ohio State is ranked #2 in Tot. Def.

Based on the schedules they played, which do you think is actually the better defense?

I'd say Clemson is taking a big step up in weight class.

Ohio State is not.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

Everyone is missing the boat, most particularly the sports press.

Urban made a comment on BTN this week that was subdued but very telling.

He mentioned, in a very offhanded way, that he had been talking to several teams about coaches, not coaching. The impression I got is that he is working as a sort of unpaid consultant to several teams, NCAA and NFL, about their coaching candidates.

Who better to get some advice and insight from?

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Honestly, I don't know about taxes and fees. I haven't gotten the first bill yet. :-)

I would guess yes on taxes and no on fees. Just a guess tho.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I have found that used to be the case and I took a fair number of deals/discounts. Got a free Geni DVR receiver, etc. 

But since the acquisition by AT&T I found that customer service bottomed out and discounts were a thing of the past. In other words, 20 yrs as a loyal customer added up to exactly squat. 

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I have HGTV in Texas. Don't know why that would make a difference.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Every college game that's broadcast I can get. I wanted to be certain of that before I cut the cord.

The only thing I got sports wise w/DTV that I don't get with YTTV is the NFL Network. I can live with that.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Sorry, I can't address anything about gaming. Know nothing about it.

No, you don't need Roku on a smart TV. I just think the functionality of the remote and the speed makes the Roku Ultra worth it.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I suspect you are correct.

I have Spectrum cable for my Internet. I've run 3 TVs, a computer, iPad and iPhone all at the same time with no drop in TV picture quality.

And, speaking of phones, YTTV on my phone is absolutely incredible. Everything I can watch on my TVs at home I can watch on the go on my iPhone. I never miss ANYTHING I really want to see live.

Comment 23 Nov 2019

It's much better if for no other reason than not having the idiotic sub-plot love story between Heston's son and the Japanese girl. The flying sequences are much better, if a little heavy on the CGI battle scenes. 

Comment 23 Nov 2019

I haven't used Hulu but I can say that the combo of YTTV/Roku Ultra ($100) is a great package. Absolutely zero complaints and in fact much better than I could have hoped.

Comment 22 Nov 2019

Doesn't work like a DVR. 

You designate shows, teams, sports, whatever, to be recorded to your "Library." You do it once and it will record to the cloud until you change it. So, I've got OSU football, OSU basketball, All FBS games, etc being recorded to my Library. There is no limit. 

One cool feature is that once you have a game in your Library, on the playback YTTV edits out the commercials.