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Bourbon Advice Needed

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September 22, 2019 at 6:02pm


So I am traditionally a peaty scotch drinker, although one with an appreciation for smooth irish whiskeys. I've recently started delving into bourbon and could use some recommendations. Below are those I've tried and my thoughts. Also, f**k Michigan.

Maker's Mark- I would rather eat my own vomit than drink this again.

Woodford Reserve- Acceptable over ice I suppose. Did not feel this was special.

Bulleit- Had about 12 of this at a wedding. I found this to be acceptable in a Manhattan, but again nothing special.

Four Roses Yellow Label- A nice sipping whiskey. I'd equate this Jameson's in the Irish whiskey group- you know what you're getting, it is consistently nice, not too strong, very drinkable.

Oregon Spirit- Very strong but I enjoyed this bourbon quite a bit. Needed some ice or water but the strong flavor profile was good. However, I did not feel it had the corn "sweetness" that belongs with bourbon according to what I have read.

Duke- Quite tasty. A little sweetness but more of a good solid flavor.

Buffalo Trace- Enjoyed this quite a bit for a relatively inexpensive bourbon. Good flavor, some sweetness, surprising spice. I thought it had rye in large proportions but it actually doesn't.

Could use input and suggestions on what else to try! Thanks!!

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